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17 Jun 2015 | Adam

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There’s been a relentless onslaught of brutal wounds of which each and any should have seen our short life snuffed out.  We’ve been afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair;  persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.  Oh there’s been many excruciating moments of discouragement, heartbreak & anguish.  But…

Today marks our third birthday.  And today we stand stronger than ever.

Reflecting over the greatest moments of the previous thirty six months I could tell you about the families we’ve seen reconciled here.  The homeless men who once ate from the bins behind the local Hogs Breath who now have homes & jobs.  I could brag about the thousands of meals & hampers we’ve given away or the dozens of jobs we’ve found for people who previously couldn’t get one.  Or I could tell you about one of the many drug addicts who made the decision to quit and turn their lives around over a suspended coffee.  I really love seeing people liberated and empowered and so that’s what we do.

Most of you know we’ve been robbed many times.  It used to really worry me and I even did several stake outs to try and protect the place.  I searched deep inside to find where that fear was coming from… I realised that all the things that were precious and we truly valued could not be stolen with hands.  And that the thieves were some of the very people we existed to help.  Understanding that made it easier to forgive them.  And then we were free to love them.  ‘Cause if we let them steal our love then we really would’ve been robbed.

One of the young blokes on the team had gotten himself in trouble with the law a while back.  I had a good chat with him and saw his heart.  On paper he didn’t look good.  A bunch of folk said we shouldn’t have him on the team, he was too much of a risk, but we took him in anyway.  He’s become one of the core team members and trainers.  A while back he was approached by a local thief to flog our till and split the cash.  He defiantly declined, “I’m not gonna steal from family”.

And that there is the greatest thing for me.  Seeing the family that has formed at the core of Cup From Above.  We’re nuts hey.  We’re made up of a pack of misfits of orphans, ex-cons, autistics & executives.  I don’t think none of us aren’t at least a little mentally ill.  Seriously you couldn’t hand pick a more diverse bunch than us.  But somehow we became family.  There’s been many times when I’ve fallen and these guys have stepped up to bolster me.  I really love these guys for that.  But what I love most is seeing this family supporting each other…  I’ve seen an aboriginal bloke teaching a young lady with a learning difficulty how to read.  Seeing an ex-heroin addict teaching an orphaned teenager how to paint.  Seeing a homeless kid with nothing come in and buy tokens from his centrelink money to give to “someone in need”.  Seeing a bloke on a disability pension train up an unemployed healthy able-bodied guy how to become a barista.  Seeing a muslim refugee raise money for a young aussie christian girl with a disability.  Oh man that starts a fire in my bones and I’m filled with this furious hope that this fire can spread even further.  

Thank you everyone for three outrageous years that have wildly exceeded every dream possible.

Thank you to all the various thieves who purposed harm.  You made us stronger.

Thank you to my amazing team for not just volunteering your time but for passionately investing your hearts, your sweat & all your long hours into seeing this dream come alive.

And lastly thank you to all the great people who have sacrificially donated money and/or purchased our coffee.  You have empowered us to fulfil our mission to “Love & Connect Our Community”.  We look forward to enticing your taste buds with delectable coffee for at least another three years!

Thank you.


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