Terms & Conditions

Cup From Above Community Membership Terms & Conditions
1.  By completing the Members Application Form you confirm you have read, understood and agree to these the Cup From Above Community Membership terms.
2.  We reserve the right to amend these terms from time to time, and you agree that each time you use your Membership Card you accept the terms as existing at that time on
3.  Your participation in the Cup From Above Community Membership is one way that you can support Cup from Above but such support does not amount to a legal membership of the Cup Aspley Limited.  Participation is open only to individuals (including employees & volunteers of Cup From Above).  Participation is offered at the discretion of Cup From Above, who has the right to accept or reject any application to participate at its sole discretion.
4.  Membership to the Cup From Above Community has an annual $25.00 (inc. GST) administration fee and Membership continues for 12 months.
5.  The Cup From Above Community Membership Cards remain the property of Cup From Above.
6.  The Cup From Above Community Membership Card is a reward card only and benefits can only be applied upon presentation of the card by the relevant member.
7.  The Cup From Above Community Membership Card is not valid with any other coupons, vouchers, discounts or in-store offers.
8.  Coffee discount is no longer applicable unless you became member while this was still on offer.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
9.  Cup From Above reserves the right to change the Benefits and terms anytime without notice. Terms will be updated on the website
10.  Each Cup From Above Community Membership Card is valid for one person only and cannot be used by any person other than the Member whose name appears on the card issued.
11.  Membership may be cancelled/refused to individuals by Cup From Above at its discretion, if Membership is deemed to be fraudulent, linked to a fraudulent Membership and/or a Member engages any  employee or volunteer in a derogatory, harmful, drunken and/or manner otherwise regarded by Cup From Above as highly inappropriate.
12.  You consent to us contacting you from time to time, including via telephone, post, facsimile and electronic (ie sms, internet) methods.
13.  You must advise us of any change of name, address, or other details as soon as the change occurs.  Cup From Above is not responsible for any failure by you to notify of the change that may result in the loss of the Cup From Above Community Benefits and/or any other rewards, prizes, giveaways. Written proof acceptable to Cup From Above must be supplied for any change of details. Changes to address can be made by email to