Christmas 2014

10616163_10154923577955322_6404550285958141599_nIt’s christmas time again and for the third year in a row Cup From Above will be giving away hampers and free coffee!  We’re only opening from 9am to 10am this time so get in for a quick brew.  We’d like to say a massive thank you to Zac McHardy and the team from Raine & Horne Chermside for donating 30 hampers for us to give away.  Also Haydn Parsons and the great people who have been donating from Churches of Christ and others in our community.  This idea was inspired by Joel Archer and the team from “Christmas Care” who are handing out 500 hampers this Christmas.

We wish all the greatest Christmas this year and look forward to seeing you Thursday.


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Raine & Horne supporting CFA

Zac McHardy, real estate agent from Raine & Horne Chermside is helping raise money to support Cup From Above!

$500 from the sale of each home will be donated to Cup From Above to complete and expand their kitchen so we can more effectively train people in the hospitality industry.  Once our kitchen is complete we will be able to create more jobs for people with disabilities, train more people and make more funds which can be channelled to people in need in our community.

Check out the promo video…

If you’re thinking of listing your house then contact Raine & Horne today!  You can find more information on their website here.  Or contact Zac McHardy via email  (Make sure you mention “Cup From Above” when you speak with Raine & Horne otherwise we don’t get the referral donation).

Zac McHardy

Zac McHardy from Raine & Horne








Please share this with anyone who owns a house and might be thinking of selling!  Thanks for all your support!!!

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