Night 1 of Street Week

I thought it was a car with a near flat battery with a frustrated driver going sick at the key draining the last remaining power… but it wasn’t.  It was a flock of Ibises (Ibides?) getting it on just along the creek bed we were sleeping in.  The only interruption is coming from tyres rolling on the bridge overhead.  It’s still winter time but the mosquitos are relentlessly marching towards our ears.

We had one bloke walk past us before.  He assumed we were homeless and said some pathetic good luck sentiment… then he saw me writing this post on my macbook pro.  He seemed to deduce we weren’t voluntarily homeless and asked what we were fundraising for.  I told him we were raising awareness for homelessness in Brisbane.  He seemed even more confused… then walked away.

I’m lying under this bridge thinking about it.  I’m really hungry.  I’m not doing this to raise awareness.  I’m doing this to provoke change.

I’m hoping that by doing this and by sharing these stories people will be motivated to DO something.  Anything.  There are hundreds of charities and churches desperate for fresh volunteers motivated to make real changes.

I couldn’t care less if you become more aware of homelessness.  That would cheapen what we’re doing.  I don’t want this to be charity porn.  Something you can watch from the safety and comfort of your home and not cost you anything.

But chances are if you’re still reading this that you actually do want to contribute something meaningful.  Let me tell you that the world is hurting and groaning in agony waiting for you to do your part to help.  You don’t need to be good at helping to help.  You can cook sausages at a bbq.  You can pack hampers and deliver them.  It will cost you.  There is a sacrifice needed to make a real difference.  The question is are you willing to give up watching one night of Master Chef to see someone’s life turned around?  That might be all it takes…

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Streetsmart 2014: We raised $120,263

On 8th August this year Cup From Above joined in, for the 3rd year now, fundraising for Streetsmart.  $1 from each coffee sold on the day went to Streetsmart to fund grassroots projects helping homeless people throughout Australia.

Here is an excerpt from their website about the fundraiser…

What an amazing day the August 8th turned out to be. Across Australia, coffee heads came together to fundraise for their local communities with 410 cafes, 18 coffee roasters and thousands of coffee drinkers working together to raise a record breaking $120,263 (up from $83,950 in 2013 ) to fund local grassroots homeless projects. For every coffee sold on the day, cafes donated $1 and coffee roasters helped out supplying beans. It all came together for 2014 with terrific support from our main sponsor Vitasoy, our media supporters including Broadsheet, Beanscene, GRAM, YELP, Beanhunter, The Weekend Edition, and with a great new logo and collateral produced by Clear Design and PR support from Stellar Concepts.

Adam Robinson CEO of StreetSmart Australia said “We can’t thank the cafés, roasters, supporters and sponsors enough for making CaféSmart such a great annual event, and a fundraising success. Having over 400 small businesses involved during National Homeless Persons Week, creating a huge buzz on social media, and getting involved and fundraising was great to see. Yet again the hospitality sector, and in particular the coffee industry, has shown just how generous and community minded they are.”

100% of the tally will now go back to the community to fund smaller charities and organizations who often don’t have the resources to fundraise themselves. StreetSmart will now distribute the funds raised locally, to provide emergency aid including food and shelter, as well as projects that promote social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for some of our most disadvantaged neighbours.



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Community Concert for our Homeless Friends this Saturday Nite

Chronicle 26Aug14The lovely people at the Northside Chronicle have published an article on our upcoming Community Concert this Saturday night 30th August 2014.  We’ve got some great musos lined up and the cash raised on the night is going towards helping our homeless friends here in Aspley.

For more info on the event this Saturday nite check the details on facebook here.


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Helping the Homeless in August

10492150_10152633035464374_7830199361352164431_nMonday 4th – Sunday 10th August is Homeless Person’s Week.  For the third year Cup From Above will be supporting Streetsmart.  On Friday, 8th August 2014 $1 from each coffee purchased at Cup From Above and other participating cafes will go towards helping out homeless people in Australia.

It made sense to dedicate the whole month of August to helping out the homeless.

Rosies are a great organisation helping out the homeless in SE Qld.  They also happen to run a free BBQ for homeless folk right here in Aspley.  It turns out their current BBQ is falling apart and they need a new one.  The Cup From Above Community has committed themselves to getting them a new BBQ so they can keep going with that great work.  We haven’t received a quote yet but we should be able to get a really sturdy & reliable one for $500.  There is a great synergy between our organisations here in Aspley so we look forward to continuing to work alongside the same folk into the future.  The donation jar for this fundraiser is on the counter at Cup From Above (It is now screwed down to the counter after last months dilemma!).

10592852_10154391731905322_1588263892722146043_n10559842_364677313680184_5408793287263038167_nWe’re proud to be showcasing Chris Poulsen’s art exhibition “Guide Tones” this month!  Chris is more well known in Brisbane as a Jazz Pianist with the Chris Poulsen Trio & Scat.  He has used the same philosophy as jazz for this showcase… Interested?  Well you can find out more at his exhibition at Cup From Above on Friday, 8th August 2014.  (And there’ll be live jazz on the night!).  For more info click here.  10% of art sales will go towards helping our homeless friends in Aspley!

And of course we have our usual community concert.  This month it will be on Saturday, 30th August 2014.  We will have a usual great line up of musicians and it’ll be a really great night.  (More details on this to come).

Have a great August everyone!






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Fundraising for Streetsmart 2013!

Cup From Above is proud to once again be fundraising for Streetsmart.  We supported them last year and from all cafes involved raised $69,412 to help the homeless.  When you pop into Cup From Above on Friday June 7th and buy your favourite brew you can savour it even more knowing you are raising funds to help needy local charities.

For every coffee sold, Cup From Above will donate  $1.00 to CafeSmart, an initiative of national grassroots organisation StreetSmart, which helps raise funds to tackle homelessness in local communities.

This is the third year that CafeSmart will UNITE cafes, coffee roasters, and coffee drinkers for a common local cause.   In 2012, 232 cafes across Australia raised $74,477 in one day to assist 56 local

As you all know we are very passionate about supporting people in need in our community and this is a great initiative.

As StreetSmart CEO, Adam Robinson points out, grabbing a coffee and helping the homeless is something we can all do. “The support we have from these small businesses is fantastic.  Cafes around the country have come together for a national day of action with a very local outcome.  So on 7th June make a special effort to visit a participating café and enjoy your favourite brew or maybe 2.”

Information about CafeSmart and other participating cafes can be found at

CafeSmart A4 Poster D2


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