BURBS & ZELUS start the Great Wall of Graffiti

For those who haven’t yet seen, the walls out the back of Cup From Above are now home to some insanely colourful scenes.  Owls, girls, hearts, text, faces, James Alley and Co. from Metagraphics have gone all out.

You can watch the clip of them having some fun here…

Among other things, Cup From Above can now boast that we are the only known Brisbane cafe to feature an owl on it’s toilet!

Hope to see more work from James and other budding artists in the future, and to contact the cafe regarding working on the wall, email me at:

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Street Art at CFA by Metagraphics!

James Alley along with his spraycan wielding comrades Aaron Ainsworth, Klevz and Pier decorated the back wall of Cup From Above with some epic graffiti & street art over the weekend!

James is the owner of local media company and art gallery Metagraphics.  You can find all about what he does on his website here  If you need any graphic work done… logos, business cards, etc.  James is your man.

Check out the first stage of the work here…

We’re building a team that will walk alongside struggling youth in the area to teach them these art skills and give them a legitimate outlet to express this form of art.  If you love art, want to help youth in the area and you’re interested in getting involved then send us an email to


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