Kitchen Fundraiser Campaign Launch

This Monday was the launch of the Cup From Above Commercial Kitchen Campaign!  We are raising funds so that we can finish our kitchen to a level where we’re able to prepare food to sell, teach & giveaway healthy nutritious food.  For more info and details on the progress please visit this page.

21Hundred performed Monday morning to help with the launch.  I’d like to share with you more about some of the great work he is doing. 21Hundred is very proactive with assisting charities in Brisbane and so we’re honoured to also help him on his journey. And it’s literally about to become a journey… he’s about to start a “2100km walking tour on foot over 100days”. Part of the point of the venture is to raise funds and awareness for RUOK and the‪#‎21Fathers‬ campaign. All great causes. So I’ve chipped in to support this local Brisbane muso and community hero by donating $100 today on his pozible crowdfunding campaign. You can find out more about what he’s doing on the link here

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Another Successful Mirror Mirror


Liza preparing the Beauty Packs

Last Wednesday we had another successful Mirror Mirror event!  We were able to spoil some local ladies with some complimentary beauty therapy and some nice little presents.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Sharon from the Aspley Florist ( for providing some flowers for the ladies.  The team at Supasave ( for providing a bunch of beauty products.  And Catherine and Jess from Bella Amore who spent hours doing the ladies hair!  Check their facebook page here.

And a huge thanks to the two Cafe Chaplains who brought the project together Liza Westgate & Polly Lewis!

Thanks everyone for working together to make Aspley the greatest community on earth

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Project Mirror-Mirror- August 3rd





Local women were pampered at Bella Amore on Sunday, as community collaboration ‘Project Mirror-Mirror’ cut, coloured and combed for no charge

There was an immediately tangible atmosphere of cheerfulness as soon as the door was opened to Bella Amore that rose above the usual throng of conversation and clutter of a small salon.
Newly opened and located on Aspley’s Gympie Road, the salon has wasted no time in building community support through its initiative to help residents of the Aspley Caravan Park with hair and makeup.

Project Mirror- Mirror is the brainchild of Kayla Marshall, a hairdresser at Bella Amore and proud member of the community.
Growing up as the child of a single mother, her endeavour to help the women of Aspley reflects upon a more personal sentiment.
Polly Lewis – university student and spokesperson for the project, was happy to describe the drive behind Mirror- Mirror.

“She wanted to bless single mums in the area…She just wanted to do something for them, for free.”

The project is helped along by an enthusiastic local resident- Rachel, who brings women along from Aspley’s local caravan park to discover the wonder of some home-grown TLC, offering a range of beauty services to those who have recently struggled to find the time to pamper themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.12.02 am

The hair a result of the hard work done at Project Mirror- Mirror, modelled by Aspley resident Summer Adamson


The variety of treatments available at Bella Amore – often revolving around the availability of its staff – was on this occasion undertaking a cut and colour progression, salon owner Catherine Catterall carefully removing foils as behind her makeup artist Bianca Demmers was squarely focused on eyeliner.
Local girls Aleah, Seeker and Summer acted as models for the afternoon, happy to chat as coffees from nearby Cup From Above were delivered as part of their afternoon service.

Polly described the ease in which the community had banded together when drawing out the project, nearby Cup From Above cafe providing a meeting point and initial ‘Mirror- Mirror’ location as owner Adam Cocks helped provide planning and community contacts, as Catherine also was all too happy to help.

“They all just chatted about it, and Catherine seemed really keen to help out and they all just jumped on board…We just want the women here to feel that they’re loved and they’re appreciated for what they do..and it’s always nice to get pampered.”

Store owner Catherine, who until recently had been primarily looking after her child, appears to be making the very most her time back in a salon after five years, and also emphasised the importance of the treatment.

“It just gives the women such a boost.”

Rachel was also keen to highlight the importance of self esteem in areas such as the caravan park.

“Not everyone can look at themselves the way other people do…It makes me feel good, seeing the smiles on everyones faces.”

Polly hopes that Project Mirror- Mirror will occur more frequently in future, adding that the building of relationships in the community is as important as the services themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.53.42 am

The finishing touches on Seekers’ hair following Catherine’s expertise

Thanks to the team at Bella Amore Aspley and to all involved in Project Mirror- Mirror:

Bella Amore Hair & Beauty


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