Cup From Above becomes a Charity

Black Logo_Print (1)We would like to announce that Cup From Above is now a registered Australian Charity!

All donations over $2 are now tax deductible.

Cup From Above has been trading for two and a half years.  We never anticipated that we would have achieved so much in this time.

We are now effectively a Community Organisation that also runs a cafe.  Our mission is to “Love & Connect Our Community”.  Our primary program is training people with barriers to employment how to become a great barista and assist them to find a job.  However, as most of you know, we now do far more than that.

We are reliant on the support of people like you who believe in sacrificing to build up their community.  On our own we can’t do much but together we can make a real difference.

If you would like to support Cup From Above financially please visit this link.

Thank you for journeying with us for the last two and a half years.  We look forward to continuing to partner with you into the future.

Much love,
-Adam James


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Kids in Care Christmas Appeal 2013

There are 8,600 kids in care in our State.  Christmas time is generally pretty tough for them.  The Kids in Care Christmas Appeal is a great way to support them.

You can be a part of this by donating a gift.  Our local member for Aspley Tracy Davis MP is championing this great cause.  Her office at 1315 Gympie Rd (just down from Cup From Above) is one of the drop off points.  Let’s get behind Tracy and donate generously.  If you don’t know what gift to buy here is a Christmas “Wish List“.  The crew at Cup From Above are getting behind this and will be donating some gifts.

All donations must be delivered to Tracy’s office by this Friday, 13th December!

For more information visit the “Kids in Care” webpage here.  Or Tracy Davis’ webpage here.

Kids In Care Christmas Appeal

Kids In Care Christmas Appeal


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Introducing Marlene Butteriss

Open Art Exhibition on @ CFA  Sunday 25th August!

We are so privileged to introduce to you Marlene Butteriss our artist for August!

“I was born in Australia where I have lived all of my life. I’ve been drawing since early childhood. I’ve explored a large range of artistic modalities; music, dance, textiles, design, writing, painting, sculpture and digital creations

For me, self-expression through art is something heart centred; it is sacred, and intrinsically bonded to the spiritual. My artwork is an expression of the divine self, and the heart of femininity in all its glorious forms. I can paint as soft as a fairy or a butterfly, as loving and embracing as a mother, as sexy and swaying as a goddess or a hooker. I can paint as the soft rain or as a thunderstorm. I can paint as Kali and bring down the house. I bring the hidden into the light so that we can see, we three can see, you me, and she. Together we can feel into the expression of the Her divine.

I am inspired by nature; by dragonflies, jungles, the micro and the macro. I love beautiful places and they find their way onto my canvas. I am inspired by the eyes of a beloved, the lips of a lover, and the heart of a soul mate.

Most often I use acrylic to explore the unseen, to paint intuitive until what is offered is revealed. I aim to explore love, transformation, spiritual evolution, human connection and the divine feminine in all of its forms.”

See more about Marlene here:

We hope you can come in and be encouraged and inspired by Marlenes work, it will be on display and available for purchase untill the 30th of August 2013. 10% of the proceeds from Marlenes’ work will be donated to our current charity “Boost for Benny” you can read about it below.

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Cup From Above Supporting ‘Boost For Benny’

Cup From Above is helping raise money for the ‘Boost For Benny’ foundation.  Some CFA regulars, Fiona and Jarrod Lloyd, are the parents to Benny, an amazing boy who has had a rough start to life.  Benny was born with hydrocephalus, a cyst on his brain, as well as cerebral palsy and autism.  Benny has been in and out of surgery many times and has to be fed through a tube every night.  Fiona and Jarrod spend the time and money to get him to therapy, developing the skills he hasn’t yet had the ability to develop.

The Lloyd Family

The Lloyd Family. Fiona, Jimmy, Benny & Jarrod.

They receive some financial support from the government but it does not cover many of the expenses Benny needs.  Our goal is to raise as much money as possible to help the Lloyd family get Benny on his feet and racing forward in life, helping pay for therapy and look at getting him into an AEIOU school, a school which specialises in teaching children who have autism.

You are able to support Benny by making a donation at, or you can ‘like’ their FaceBook page at  This family is nothing short of an inspiration and I can’t wait to see Benny grow up and reach the skies!

If you have any questions or ideas regarding fundraising it is possible to reach Fiona or Jarrod at


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