Star Newspaper Article on CFA Community helping Boost For Benny

Here’s an article by Renee Subacius from the Star Newspaper about the people of Aspley raising money through Cup From Above for “Boost For Benny”.

It’s an honour for Cup From Above to play our part in facilitating generosity in the community.

Star Newspaper Article 27th November 2013

Star Newspaper Article, 27th November 2013.






























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Cup From Above Supporting ‘Boost For Benny’

Cup From Above is helping raise money for the ‘Boost For Benny’ foundation.  Some CFA regulars, Fiona and Jarrod Lloyd, are the parents to Benny, an amazing boy who has had a rough start to life.  Benny was born with hydrocephalus, a cyst on his brain, as well as cerebral palsy and autism.  Benny has been in and out of surgery many times and has to be fed through a tube every night.  Fiona and Jarrod spend the time and money to get him to therapy, developing the skills he hasn’t yet had the ability to develop.

The Lloyd Family

The Lloyd Family. Fiona, Jimmy, Benny & Jarrod.

They receive some financial support from the government but it does not cover many of the expenses Benny needs.  Our goal is to raise as much money as possible to help the Lloyd family get Benny on his feet and racing forward in life, helping pay for therapy and look at getting him into an AEIOU school, a school which specialises in teaching children who have autism.

You are able to support Benny by making a donation at, or you can ‘like’ their FaceBook page at  This family is nothing short of an inspiration and I can’t wait to see Benny grow up and reach the skies!

If you have any questions or ideas regarding fundraising it is possible to reach Fiona or Jarrod at


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