QUT Student Documentary on Cup From Above

A great class of students from QUT recently approached us at Cup From Above and asked if they could film a mini-documentary about what we do.  Here it is…

We’d like to say a massive thankyou to the individuals who made this: Ronnie Kenworthy, Lizzie Moss, Jenny Archdall, Chelsea Ryan & Louise Emanuel.  Thanks so much guys!

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Adam James being interviewed on 96Five

Here’s a clip of Adam James from Cup From Above discussing the current situation in Aspley and what is being done to solve the crisis at hand.

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Courier Mail covers Suspended Coffees

Cup From Above was honoured to be featured in article by the Courier Mail on Suspended Coffees today!  A big thank you to Leanne Edmistone for writing the article.  Get the PDF here Courier Mail 7Oct14.

CM 7oct14a cm 7Oct14b

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CFA Iced Coffee Bucket Challenge

I was challenged to the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” on the weekend.  I checked out the ALS Association on Charity Navigator (link here) and they seem like a well run organisation.  They’ve received $100 million in the last 2 months which is double their annual target and the money is still rolling in.  And all thanks to a brilliant quirky idea started by former baseball player Pete Frates who has ALS and was driven to support the organisation that’s helped people in his situation.  ALS are gonna be set for quite some time!

I’m obviously passionate about local issues and there are serious issues on our doorstep here in Aspley, Brisbane that I feel are more urgent than donating to an organisation who has already exceeded their target.

We’re now feeding many struggling folk everyday.  We do this by people from the community purchasing “Tucker Tokens” for $5 each which you can purchase in the store or online here

I reckon that charity without love is just pity.  And noone wants pity.  Tipping a bucket of water over your head and putting it on social media doesn’t solve any problems.  Even better than buying a tucker token from us I would encourage you to simply help someone who is struggling that you know… someone in your workplace or the homeless guy you walked by on your way to work.  In most cases just listening to someone tell their story is enough and give ’em a little bit of encouragement and while you’re doing it sit down with them and shout them a meal.  If everyone did that we would barely need charity organisations.

So here’s my response to the challenge… I hope you enjoy watching Kevin Kelly douse me in freezing Iced Coffee!

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