Suspended Coffees, Tucker Tokens & Hampers

“Suspended Coffees” is a movement that started in the great depression in Naples, Italy nearly 100 years ago.  Wealthy people who still had money would purchase extra coffees for the barista to give away.  They would pay for the extra coffee and the sale was “suspended” until someone would come along to receive the gift.

Cup From Above started facilitating Suspended Coffees on the 1st April 2013.  Here is the blog post from the launch.  We received national media attention for the initiative.  Including Channel 10’s The Project,  ABC Radio, The Australian newspaper and Tracy Davis MP even commended it in Qld Parliament.

Suspended Coffees are a brilliant way to build community.  A way for all of us to easily demonstrate anonymous unnecessary generosity.

You can now purchase suspended coffees online right here on this page.  You can purchase via paypal here or contact us here to make other payment arrangements.

Suspended Coffees are $4.  If you would like to purchase some please visit the link here.

We also offer Tucker Tokens which works like Suspended Coffees but for food.  Find out more here.