Support Needed

There’s always a huge list of things needed here at Cup From Above.  Some things are needed internally at the charity and other things are needed for individuals and families we are supporting.  Here’s the list…

Financial Support.  Our greatest need right now is financial support.  We need individuals, organisations, churches and/or businesses to partner with to continue and expand the vital work we are doing in the community.  All the work we currently do is funded by a very small number of people and organisations who give a large amount.  Our current donations towards our operating costs are approximately $22,000 p.a.  However our operating costs, to properly sustain the current level of work, is about $100,000 p.a.  We need pillars in our community to step up and take financial responsibility for the social initiatives and transformation we are performing.  This would look like a monthly or annual donation.


Induction Cooktop

Our induction cooktop has died!  We need a new one the same or similar to the one we’ve had.  It has to be commercial grade to handle the daily abuse of relentless cooking.

This is the one we had by Apuro.  It’s 15w so we can plug it in with more options with electrical outlets in our kitchen.

From Nisbets it’s $324.90.  Here’s the link below…


Liberty Garden Care Equipment

Our social enterprise lawn mowing program needs some more equipment to be more efficient.

1 x Petrol Line Trimmer

A 4 Stroke petrol powered line trimmer like this one from Bunnings.  This one is a Makita and would handle most of the jobs we would be tackling.  It is $299.  Here’s the link for more info.

2 x New Lawn Mowers

The boys have been using hand-me-down lawnmowers which has been great to start off with but to do the job well they need great equipment.

These lawnmowers from the could handle the intense daily use that is necessary.  They are available for $999 each.

1 x Hedge Trimmer

To add to the suite of services available to customers we need an industrial grade Hedge Trimmer.  The Mower Supastore has a STIHL HS 82 T Hedge Trimmer for $999 which is ideal and could handle the da

ily grind.  Link here

If you would like to purchase any of these items or contribute in part towards them we would greatly appreciate it.


Cup From Above Van

Every week we help out several people in crisis by dropping off necessary items like beds, washing machines, food hampers and other daily essentials.

However the van would allow us to setup a mobile espresso rig which means we could give away free coffee at our homeless program and even better we could then take the van to markets and other events and launch Cup From Above as a mobile venture.  This would potentially create another job or two.  We would also ask our graffiti artists to spray paint the van with the cup from above logo and an art theme to express our story so that everywhere the van goes it’s spreading the community gospel of Cup From Above.

Just looking on Car Sales website we’re looking at about $22,000 for a 3 year old van (still low kilometres but a lot cheaper than buying new).  We could potentially get a loan if someone was to donate say $10k we could get a loan for $12k.  Setting up the ‘mobile cafe’ idea inside the van would cost up to another $20k depending on how thorough we make it.  (Do we wire in customised commercial refrigeration or just throw some milk in an esky… one costs $50 the other $5000).

In any case we can get the van first, which will achieve most of our goals, and then proceed with acquiring the funds to customise it to achieve more complex goals.

If you would like to contact us about supplying any of these items please email me at  Thank you so much!