Stuff Needed

There’s always a huge list of things needed here at Cup From Above.  Some things are needed internally at the charity and other things are needed for individuals and families we are supporting.  Here’s the list…

Commercial Coffee Machine

We have our La Marzocco PB Espresso Machine that we are currently using in the cafe, it is costing us over $185 a week to continue to rent this machine. To buy the machine out it will cost $3,100 but will gain the charity an asset valued at over $9,000.

We would love a donation to help us move forward and to own these invaluable assets so the profits can go towards helping people rather than merely paying rent.

Commercial Sandwich Press

We need a new commercial sandwich press for the new site.  We’ve had several domestic ones over the years at Aspley and they only last a short while before dying.

This Roband one would be ideal and retails at $955.


We’re starting to grow our admin team and we need another laptop to increase our productivity.  We now have several group team meetings every week with social workers, lawyers, bookkeepers, accountants, etc to run the charity.

Second hand one would do the job otherwise something like this from JB Hifi would be great…

Couches for New Valley Store

We need to get some new couches for the Valley store.  We can get some second hand ones for free but it’s the Valley so style matters in there.  We’ve spoken to a few people with interior decorating skills and they recommended this couch from Freedom.

These are currently $2299 from Freedom.  Anything with similar style and features would suffice.  Here’s the link…

Alternatively there are these cheaper ones from Fantastic Furniture that will do the job.  They are only $599 each.


We need 2 more tables for the new store.  Once again style matters so we can’t use any freebies or hand me downs from op shops (we’re not in aspley anymore).  This is what has been recommended to us from Freedom.  It is $749 and here’s the link…


Commercial Kitchen Flooring

We were able to bring most of the items from the Aspley store to the Valley.  Something we obviously couldn’t bring with us is the kitchen floor.  We will need this in place before we can prepare meals for our customers at the new cafe.  Tentative quote to have this installed is $3500



Cafe Stools

We need about 20 more stools for seating in the new cafe.  It’s a pretty big site.  These are ideal from Cafe Solutions for $40.50 each.

Here’s the link:


Cup From Above Van

Every week we help out several people in crisis by dropping off necessary items like beds, washing machines, food hampers and other daily essentials.

We also have our homeless program where we take items along which at the moment is catered for by Jeff the Chef.  However the van would allow us to setup a mobile espresso rig which means we could give away free coffee at our homeless program and even better we could then take the van to markets and other events and launch Cup From Above as a mobile venture.  This would potentially create another job or two.  We would also ask our graffiti artists to spray paint the van with the cup from above logo and an art theme to express our story so that everywhere the van goes it’s spreading the community gospel of Cup From Above.

Just looking on Car Sales website we’re looking at about $22,000 for a 3 year old van (still low kilometres but a lot cheaper than buying new).  We could potentially get a loan if someone was to donate say $10k we could get a loan for $12k.  Setting up the ‘mobile cafe’ idea inside the van would cost up to another $20k depending on how thorough we make it.  (Do we wire in customised commercial refrigeration or just throw some milk in an esky… one costs $50 the other $5000).

In any case we can get the van first, which will achieve most of our goals, and then proceed with acquiring the funds to customise it to achieve more complex goals.

If you would like to contact us about supplying any of these items please email me at  Thank you so much!