Grandma's Kitchen

ATTENTION: Grandma’s Kitchen is temporarily on hiatus. It is our goal in the near future to have this running again. If you have any questions or would like to be involved once it commences again please email


Grandma’s Kitchen is a program about women sharing the time old skills & knowledge of cooking cheap and healthy delicious meals.  It’s currently held at the cafe and is entirely free.  It’s primarily aimed at ladies in the caravan park to give
them the skills and utensils necessary to cook great meals.  More than this it builds great relationships with the broader community connecting people who are struggling with lasting knowledge and resources that are independently sustainable.
There are several options in our neighbourhood for free or cheap food.  Most of the free food is void of  any valuable nutrition which means that many of the folk who are struggling are currently malnourished and are suffering from all sorts of complications that come with that.  There are wonderful organisations such as Oz Harvest who are delivering a vast amount of complementary food including raw produce.  However there are many people who have never had the opportunity to learn the most basic cooking skills to turn nutritious raw produce into a tasty meal.  Much of this food which has been carted all over our country ends up in a bin!

We met with Federal & State government and Brisbane City Council (details here) to discuss the social crisis here in Aspley.  We have approximately 400 people in extreme poverty and many of those with a drug addiction in Aspley.  They are mostly unemployed and rely on criminal activity to live.  We started “tucker tokens” in April this year to mitigate the issue of stealing to pay for a meal.  This means that the community can purchase the meal for them rather than them steal the money for a meal.  This reduces theft but obviously doesn’t fix the problem.  As a result of the meeting we built “Grandma’s Kitchen” to tackle the heart of this issue.

As most women in our culture pass the sacred culinary knowledge on in their grandma’s kitchen it seemed fitting for the title.  This program is run by Katy Tait & Myra D’Costa and a highly skilled team of great ladies from the community who are passionate about cooking cheap nutritious meals and seeing other people empowered with those skills.

Our aim is to empower enough people with the motivation, knowledge and skills that they will be able to solve the food shortage crisis in Aspley themselves.  Everyone has heard the old saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.  This is the heart of this program.  We hope to build a culture of cooking cheap healthy nutritious food so that the knowledge can be passed on.

Find out about joining this program please email or phone 0401 180 644