Street Week

street week verticalStreet Week is about being immersed in the reality of how our homeless friends live each and every week for just 7 days.  It’s about raising awareness of the chronic need for our brothers on the street.  It’s about connecting with these humans on their terms & on their turf.  Listening deeply to their stories and sharing them with the world.

You can follow us via social media on the hashtag #streetweek15


11906731_10155915037260322_197174625472998571_oStreet Week is being headed by Adam James & Luke Schubert.

“I’m the founder of Cup From Above and I’ve been working with disadvantaged people for over a decade.  CFA has created the opportunity for connecting with and assisting people at risk of homelessness and those actually living on the street.  The cafe exists as a safe place to encourage these people and provide fundamental needs.

A few months ago a long term homeless person who frequented the cafe stated that they would prefer to go to prison than continue to live on the streets.  They actually went ahead and committed a crime and have successfully found themselves a home in a Queensland prison.  This deeply concerned me and spurred me on to ask the really hard questions of why this happening… and that’s why I’m doing Street Week.  I’m hoping to connect with people on the street, hear their stories and broadcast those stories to Brisbane.  Homelessness is 100% preventable if as a community we choose to care about it enough.  I wanna play my part helping solve this problem.” -Adam James

“I’ve been helping out in the community for a few years now and more recently here at Cup from above.  I love spending time with people in the community and enjoy my role as a cafe chaplain at the cafe.  I’m currently studying youth work and hoping I can learn a thing of two while spending a week on the street.  It was no particular surprise to me that homelessness is on the rise but the harsh reality is that I ( over 18 Australia male ) represent a demographic that is provided with very little support when faced with the harsh realities of life.  I can see the need for more support services growing but it has left me wondering what legitimate solutions do we have to help people get back on their feet.  I’m hoping to learn a lot about myself and also the struggles others during the week.  I’m hoping the issues raised will be heard and positive changes can be made in our community.” – Luke Schubert