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Cup From Above is a vibrant young charity run by a great team of people passionate about helping disadvantaged people in our community.  Through several innovative programs including a social enterprise cafe, social enterprise lawn maintenance, support programs and giving away hampers, frozen healthy meals, etc we help people in the most severe crisis situations every day.  We have a mix of paid and unpaid staff in different roles and ways who work together on the mission.  If you are interested in volunteering we’d love to hear from you.

We have several programs, projects and roles you can volunteer with…

New Role:  CFA Marketing Manager

We are looking for someone with marketing skills and/or education to manage all our marketing.  The role would entail actioning the marketing plan.  Communicating via social media beautiful photos of the cafe and other products available for purchase.  Also photos and information regarding the impact of our social endeavours in the community.  Coordinating and communicating with mainstream media outlets for regular positive publicity for the charity.

This role is expected to take about 10 to 20 hours per month.

If you believe this could be you we would like to interview you.

New Role:  Volunteer Volunteer Manager

We are looking for someone to fill the role of “Volunteer Manager”.  This person will be responsible for inducting new volunteers and delegating them to various roles.  Taking them through our induction process which includes informing of policies and procedures.  This person will also co-write a Position Description with the new volunteer so everyone is clear of expectations and boundaries.  This specific component of the role requires experience and/or knowledge in HR and will exceptional communication skills.

Depending on availability this person may also be responsible for communicating with all of the volunteers on a weekly basis and maintaining a roster to make sure everyone knows what they are doing when.  (The role might need to be split into 2 separate roles depending on workload and availability).  This second component requires complex organisational skills.

If you believe this could be you we would like to interview you.  Please get in touch with us.

New Role:  Volunteer Acute Crisis Coordinator

One of the greatest things Cup From Above does is help people in those pivotal sliding door horrific moments where they have no other support.  We step in and provide the support needed to prevent a crisis from descending to a catastrophic event.  This year we’ve helped 2 pregnant women who had nothing and reached out to us.  They both had no food and no money to buy food and were facing homelessness.  We were able to give them whitegoods, food for their pantry, frozen healthy meals, an ear to listen, connections to services for ongoing support.  Without support the worst could have happened.  All this takes a considerable amount of coordinating to execute effectively in a timely manner with our minimal resources.

We need someone to fill this role who has exceptional communication skills to thoughtfully talk with someone in the midst of a crisis.  Knowledge of local support services and the ability and confidence to connect and communicate with them.  Most importantly the role requires military grade communication and coordinating skills to effectively mobilise our volunteers to collect resources and deliver them to the person being helped.

This role is expected to take about 5 hours per week.

If you are interested in this role and you feel you have the skills necessary to be successful we would very much appreciate interviewing you.

New Role:  CFA Journalist

An important and difficult job for any charity is to communicate the transformative work they do in the community.  It’s a difficult balance to tell the severity and importance of the story without the people from these powerful stories feeling objectified.  This role requires a rare somebody with the mind and pen of a journalist but a heart for people.

This person will work closely with our Marketing Manager to execute the marketing plan.  It will require direct interviews with people we support to “tell their story”.  Not only to communicate what Cup From Above does but communicating to the world the greater need for supporting those who are disadvantaged.  The primary method of communication is the Cup From Above newsletter.  However we also have our website blog, social media and connections with mainstream media.  We have a Canon 700D from which we can capture both photos and videos from.  It’d be an added bonus if the successful candidate had photography and videography skills.  However, if not, we have many professionals with these skills who have offered their time to cover this component.

This role is expected to take 10 to 20 hours per month.

If you believe this could be you we would like to interview you.  Please get in touch with us.

New Role:  Event Coordinator

We are looking at holding events in the new cafe.  Now that we’re in the Valley we’re in a prime location to hold music events.  If you have the skills to put together a show… market it, coordinate it and make it happen then we’d love to have you on board.  The agenda for putting on these events is to raise money to help more people in crisis.  If you’re interested in joining us on our mission in this role please get in touch!

WordPress Wizard

Part of the challenge of running a great charity is communicating the mission, opportunities, outcomes and success stories.  The primary method of communication is having all this clearly accessible on our website.  We use WordPress which seems to be the ubiquitous platform for running websites these days.  We’re looking for someone who is a wordpress wizard to keep our site looking modern and functioning well.  We use a few plugins that aren’t functioning anywhere near as well as they should including Woocommerce.  It would be extremely helpful to have someone with the ability to set up quality ecommerce solutions.

If you’ve got these skills and would like to help us with this we would hugely appreciate it.  Please get in touch with us to organise an interview.


To manage the sheer volume of work we do here there is a large amount of administrative work required to stay compliant.  If you have experience with administrative work including filing, bookkeeping, invoicing, emails, etc.  and you would like to contribute a few hours a week or more we would greatly appreciate it.

If you have a law degree (or are studying), accounting, psychology we would especially appreciate your skills!

Cup From Above Valley Cafe

Josh Denison

Josh Denison

We have a social enterprise cafe in Fortitude Valley.  If you have over 2 years experience in professional hospitality employment and would like to offer your skills we’d like to interview you.  This role is about contributing to the operation of the business to generate profit for the charity work.  More than that it’s about sharing your skills to teach people who are struggling with various barriers to employment.

Every dollar that’s earned at the cafe site goes towards helping people in crisis.  We need people who have barista skills, customer service, cafe management & commercial food preparation.

If you have any of these skills and you’re available for at least one shift per week and would like to help please get in touch!

(Please note:  This is separate from our training program.  If you would like training we can provide training to get a barista certificate for $179 or a traineeship in hospitality for $3000).

General Volunteer (GV) Team

We have a small group called the “General Volunteer Team”.  This team is responsible for all the general ‘non-cafe’ projects and tasks that need to be done.  There are a great deal of small but vital tasks that need to be completed each and every day to help people in crisis.  E.g. Picking up groceries for a family with no food.

Please send us a message by filling out the form below or send an email to  Thank you!

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