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Cup From Above is a vibrant young charity run by a great team of people helping disadvantaged people in our community through several innovative programs including a social enterprise cafe.  We have a mix of paid and unpaid staff in different roles and ways who work together on the mission.  If you are interested in volunteering we’d love to hear from you.

We have several programs and roles you can volunteer with…

New Role:  Volunteer Volunteer Manager

We’ve been advised that the best way to manage our activities is to have a volunteer manager who is responsible for inducting new volunteers and delegating them to various roles and tasks.  Also communicating with all of the volunteers on a weekly basis and maintaining a roster to make sure everyone knows what they are doing when.  There’s quite a lot of work involved with doing this and the role will need a specific type of person ideally with some management experience to be successful in this role.

If you believe this could be you we would like to interview you.

New Role:  Charity Depot Manager

We are running our charity from a house in Aspley.  We use the house to store hampers, furniture and white goods for people in crisis, chicken seed for our chickens, frozen meals for people who are hungry, waterproof swags for homeless people, baby formula for mums in crisis.  For 5 years it’s been a wild free-for-all.  Moving forwards we need someone to manage the centre.  When stocks are low on something coordinate to have more ordered.  To manage the volunteers and ensure everything is stored correctly and organised.  Also to communicate and coordinate getting vital resources to people in crisis.  Not necessarily delivering to the person in crisis but connecting with our volunteers so that they have what they need when connecting with people in various crisis situations.


To manage the sheer volume of work we do here there is a large amount of administration work required to stay compliant.  If you have experience with administrative work including filing, bookkeeping, invoicing, emails, etc.  and you would like to contribute a few hours a week or more we would greatly appreciate it.

If you have a law degree (or are studying), accounting, psychology we would especially appreciate your skills!


Cup From Above Valley Cafe

Josh Denison

Josh Denison

We have a cafe in Fortitude Valley currently managed by Jing Chen.  If you’re a seasoned cafe worker and would like to offer your skills to help run the cafe then we’d like to interview you.  Every dollar that’s earned at the cafe site goes towards helping people in crisis.  By having great workers volunteering for free means we’re able to save money on staffing which means more profits go towards our charitable objectives.

This is separate from our training program.  If you’re out of work and you’re struggling with any sort of barrier to employment then you can apply to receive complimentary training with us.  Training includes intensive high level barista training and general skills in hospitality.  We can only take on 4 trainees at a time.  Training sessions are currently run on Thursday afternoons between 1 and 3pm.

General Volunteers

We have a team we called the “General Volunteer Team”.  This team is responsible for the general maintenance of all our ‘non-cafe’ projects such as  garden maintenance, feeding our chickens, cleaning the cafe and tackling the various miscellaneous but important projects that are needed to be done every day to keep Cup From Above running well.

Project:  Grandpa’s Garden

Part of our overarching mission is to teach, sell and giveaway healthy nutritious food.  We purchase high quality produce but nothing surpasses organic home grown produce.  The mission for “Grandpa’s Garden” is to ultimately grow 80% of our produce for the cafe on site.  It won’t be certified organic but it will be organic.  If you have experience and knowledge in gardening we would greatly appreciate the contribution of your skills towards this project.


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