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Are you interested in joining the team at Cup From Above?

Cup From Above is a community cafe primarily run by a great team of volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering we’d love to hear from you.  You don’t need any experience but you do need to love great coffee and want to help your community.  Also if you are at uni and looking for a placement you’d be most welcome.

We have several programs you can volunteer with…


To manage the sheer volume of work we do here there is a large amount of administration work required to stay compliant.  We are well behind in this area and particularly need assistance with this.  If you have experience with office work including filing, bookkeeping, invoicing, emails, etc.  and you would like to contribute a few hours a week or more we would greatly appreciate it.

If you have a law degree (or are studying), accounting, psychology we would especially appreciate your skills at this time!


To effectively govern the direction of Cup From Above we have a board of Directors with a combination of skillsets who collectively guide our organisation and community towards ongoing success into the future.

We are currently looking for a board member who would oversee our Marketing & Fundraising.  We have a small team who apply for grants.  We also hold fundraising events throughout the year.  This person would have experience in management and ideally have some experience in coordinating fundraising activities for a charity or school.  The role should be more about coordinating all of our existing efforts and directing them towards a yearly goal then reporting back to the board.

Hospitality Program

Josh Denison

Josh Denison

We have a cafe in Aspley managed by Jing Chen.  If you’re a seasoned cafe worker and would like to offer your skills to help run the cafe then we’d like to interview you.

If you’re out of work and thinking of finding work in the hospitality industry then you can apply to become a hospitality trainee.  Training sessions happen Monday to Friday as determined by Katy or one of the other trainers.  We have a very thorough barista training program and every person who has passed our barista exam has found paid employment.  (Over 42 people in 3 years).

General Volunteers

We have a team we call the “General Volunteer Team”.  This team is responsible for the general maintenance of all our ‘non-cafe’ projects such as garden maintenance, feeding our chickens, cleaning the cafe and tackling the various specific projects that are needed to be done every day to keep Cup From Above running well.

Our general volunteers go on a weekly roster.  The shift goes from 8:30am to 1:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you’re able to commit to one day a week we would appreciate interviewing you about joining this team.

Project:  Grandpa’s Garden

Part of our overarching mission is to teach, sell and giveaway healthy nutritious food.  We purchase high quality produce but nothing surpasses organic home grown produce.  The mission for “Grandpa’s Garden” is to ultimately grow 80% of our produce for the cafe on site.  It won’t be certified organic but it will be organic.  We have sought guidance from the best and through using a combination of permaculture strategies, the latest research in microbiology and old school composting we can grow incredible life promoting produce.  Best of all it doesn’t improve the distribution problem we have with fresh produce.  It removes it.  We can take it from the farm to the plate in 30 minutes.

If you have experience and knowledge in gardening we would greatly appreciate the contribution of your skills towards this project.

Project:  Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma’s Kitchen is a weekly program about sharing the time old traditions of cooking healthy delicious food with other women in the community.  The food is given away to people in need or to the team members of Grandma’s Kitchen.

Find out more here.

Artist Hub

We’re all about art at Cup From Above.  We regularly showcase a different artist on the walls of the cafe.  We even do a bit of art therapy.  If you’re an artist and want to help with the art team please apply.  Find out more here.

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