Community Concerts

The CFA Community Concerts

CFA Community Concerts helped raise money for young Bella Maguire's therapy fees.

Community Concerts helped raise money for Bella Maguire’s therapy.

On the last Saturday night of every month we host a concert at the cafe to raise money for important needs in our community.  We typically have several musicians perform between 6pm and 9pm.  For details on the next one check out our events page here.  Musicians come and perform for free.  Instead of having a cover charge people are encouraged to donate some cash towards a local need in the community.  Everyone has some fun and we get to help our friends in need!

We’ve had some great professional musicians perform here and also new beginners.  We’ll welcome anyone on the condition they sing with conviction and care about the community!


Aspley Special School

Peter Rowe handing over the bass guitar to the Aspley Special School

CFA Community Concerts raised $664.60 for Bella Maguire.  Bella is a 6 year old girl from Aspley who was born with a rare chromosomal disorder requiring expensive therapy.  For more information click here.

We also raised cash to purchase the Aspley Special School a bass guitar and a drum kit. They now have a full band and are able to practice together.





Some of the great artists we’ve had the honour of hosting include…

Josh Morrison

Josh is a local Brisbane poetical icon.  He writes poetry and then sings it.  Josh  is also a writer of children’s books.  You check his work out on his facebook page here:

Ayesha Richards from ‘I Kick Clouds’

Ayesha is a truly unique singer & song writer.  She has a phenomenal range and her melodies are simply mesmerising. You can check these guys out on their Triple J unearthed page here  I recommend checking out the track “Lion’s Cry”.

Jake Nauta

While on tour Jake did a ‘secret garden’ show at CFA.  Jake is a Sydney based musician.  “Sweet melodies, summery vibes and poetic ballads draw you into the charm of Jake Nauta’s music”.  Check out Jake’s work on his website here.


Street Corner Poet – Hip Hop Troubadour – Brisbane’s only Freestyle Rap Street Performer, 21Hundred is known for epic freestyle verses that have been said to last several hours on occasion and his ‘one-man-band’ approach to accompaniment. Check out 21Hundred here.


Here’s a clip from one of the CFA Community Concerts…

If you are a musician and you’d like to play one Saturday then get in touch with us here or send an email to