About Cup From Above

Cup From Above exists to Love & Connect the Community.
Cup From Above Vision Statement

To proactively acknowledge an ever increasing need emerging between disadvantaged people and the broader community; recognising the opportunity to give life ownership to the disadvantaged via quality training and an authentic occupation.

Cup From Above emerged from recognising a need of training and integration for people with disabilities and addressing it pragmatically within the community.  A cafe used as a vehicle, chiefly by people with varying disabilities to learn a trade and serve world class, speciality coffee.

The twofold opportunity on offer from the CFA team is to create a platform for the disadvantaged within the community; providing inspiration through education and ultimately vocational options to the volunteers. Ultimately, for the team to learn a skill for use for their future in a safe and supportive environment where people connect with a genuine sense of purpose.

Our vision for the future is to be renowned as the cafe that provides exceptional food & coffee while championing the needs of it’s local community.

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