Future of Cup From Above

Cup From Above is based around the support of our members.  Our aim is to reach 500 members which will mean that the cafe at Aspley is completely independently sustainable and we can help people in crisis within the hyperlocal catchment of the cafe indefinitely.

Once this target is reached we can proceed with replicating what we’ve achieved in Aspley in another suburb which has severe social needs that Cup From Above would be suited to assist with.

We believe that ultimately we could have a network of 21 stores throughout south east Queensland working together but each with a hyperlocal focus within their unique communities.

Suburbs that we believe we could help best in the near future are…
Deception Bay
The Valley

Before pursuing setting up in a new location we would assess to make sure there were no other social enterprises that we would unnecessarily be overlapping in services.  We would need sufficient local stakeholders in business and social organisations that would be willing to support a Cup From Above in their suburb.  Most importantly we would need a local community member willing to run the organisation.

It costs between $30,000 and $80,000 to setup a Cup From Above cafe.  If you are interested in partnering with us to develop a future site please get in touch with Adam via email at