Cup From Above assists many people in crisis situations every week and it is only possible to do this work with your financial assistance.  We are now a registered charity and every donation over $2 is tax deductible.

We have 3 strategies to positively impact our community.

Hospitality & Employment Training

In 5 years Cup From Above has successfully trained and empowered over 60 people from significantly disadvantaged situations to a level where they are now able to work independently without government support.  Over 25% of these people had no previous employment and were reliant on welfare.

Acute Crisis Support

Our Community Chaplain and other volunteers help out with critical emergency situations in our community.  This year we have helped 2 young pregnant women who were hungry and facing homelessness.  Our team provided them with whitegoods, frozen healthy meals, fresh groceries & encouragement.  It’s our belief that with immediate and thoughtfully tailored support, in those sliding door moments, we can inoculate our community from vulnerable members sliding into homelessness.

Chronic Crisis Support

Cup From Above specialises in working with the most difficult members of our community who have spent a lifetime struggling with addiction, homelessness, crime, imprisonment, unemployability, poor relationships and mental health.  We work with these people to restore them on every level, not just until they have a job but a purpose and a career.  Not just a house but a home with healthy warm relationships.  We have a program called the “Sevens” where we connect these struggling members to strong members of the community in a peer support relationship.  This is a very comprehensive approach and takes a huge investment from us as an organisation but also the volunteers who assist.

We provide a therapeutic housing environment called “Liberty Home” for them to stay at during their engagement with us.  They have complimentary access to a psychologist specialised in assisting with their specific barriers.  It is absolutely worthwhile when we see the results and it’s the only way to see honest, true, lasting transformation in these individuals.

You can wire donations straight into our bank account here:

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Thank you for supporting Cup From Above and your community.