Cup From Above Values

Cup From Above Values


Our mission is to love and connect our community.  This love drives us to feed the hungry, listens with both ears, gives to those in poverty, stands up for those who have no voice, protects the weak, encourages those who have lost hope, educate those who want to learn.  Our love is blind, impartial and recklessly liberal.  This love really drives us to really connect with them, compels us to sit down and talk real over coffee, connects them to other people and services we know will be able to best help them.  We love social justice to the point we will allow that to peacefully and boldly, but with kindness, stand against those who choose to oppress, dominate, steal or in any other way seriously violate the harmony of our community.  


We believe that life is an adventure and is meant to be fun.  We love art and music and food and great coffee.  We believe that not only do these things make life worth living they are also curative and joy can be communally administered to hurting people like a medicine.  We believe that joy carries us through to triumph in times of trials.  


We believe in peace.  We believe it’s worth fighting for.  We believe every minute of our short lives should be treasured and believe it is a poor purchase to spend any time with unnecessary conflict.  We believe in developing our relational skills so that we become blackbelts in interpersonal relationships allowing us to live in deep internal harmony even when traversing the most difficult of life’s battles.  


We believe that there are many people born with traits that make it difficult to succeed in our hyper consumerist capitalist culture.  We believe that it is our opportunity to develop patience inside of each of ourselves to include the most difficult people, the socially abrasive, the morally corrupt, the peculiar ones, the dissidents, the physically variabled, the mentally colourful in the collective success of a healthy interconnected loving community.  

Patience is not being apathetic but boldly standing in defiance of hopelessness. Patience is being arrogantly peaceful during the storm.  


We believe in choosing kindness wherever possible.  Kindness to our neighbours.  Kindness to foreigners.  Kindness to those who hold various unusual, uncommon and even unfavourable views.  Kindness to our enemies.  Kindness to criminals.  Kindness to the unkind.


We believe it is a privilege living in this lucky country, rich in natural resources, that we have sufficient for everyone to live in abundance it is not our obligation, not our duty but our opportunity to generously give to those less fortunate than ourselves.  


We believe in being faithful to one another.  We believe in being faithful to our convictions, to truth, to one another and the community at large.  


We believe in pursuing and proactively advancing our virtues.  In upholding what is good and right and educating and cultivating that in our community.


We believe that each individual is responsible for their own choices and flourishes with healthy accountability to mature individuals throughout the community.  We believe that people are also responsible for their actions and that those actions have consequences both good and bad.  

V1.2 26/5/2016