Review: March Community Concert

Fracking Brilliant Performances

Coffee in one hand, notepad with illegible scrawls in the other: it was 5.36pm when I finally sat down. I was on my second caffeinated beverage of three, just counting consumption on site. The March community concert held on the 28th was, as always, different from the last. With each new day, event, project there are endless possibilities and opportunities: for this reason I never really know what to expect. Last month the community concert featured local rap artists, a graffiti workshop and, of course, spectacular coffee – this month the café served new gourmet sandwiches, with a mobile DJ and acoustic based artists each contrasting in approach; both melodically and lyrically, dabbling in variations of genres within their respective sets.

Fritzo, our first artist, was at the sound desk before I knew what was happening. Deck A, Deck B, lights set up, system checked: the show was on. With seven years of experience and mucking about, Fritzo is young but has an edge. The mob came in dribs and drabs, chatting to Adam, the crew, and their mates on arrival.  He hit off the night with some wicked beats taking the vibes of last month’s rap concert into this month’s with more pop and pizazz. We were all feeling the bass. With such a clean set perhaps Fritzo should be renamed Fonzie. His blending of tunes was smooth, making the buzz grow. Before heading off he told me, “it’s all about the transitioning” and I don’t question that one bit.

Adam Ryan plays center stage.

Adam Ryan plays center stage.

Next up was Adam Ryan – the man on the wooden stool with no shoes on center stage. He closed his eyes and within four bars, if I were not already on the ground, I probably would have fallen off my seat. He was a fracking sensation! From political and environmental issues including the Stolen Generations, Fracking along with Gross National Happiness and “living the dream”; each individual concept was expressed with absolute sincerity and humor at the best of times, transitioning between the two immaculately. This guy showed so much diversity. It might have been his bare feet that kept him grounded or the fact he had such a beautiful beard but gosh darn it he really struck a chord.

Speaking of chords, Roger Boum also struck a different kind of chord, the unexpected one.  Boum is a youth worker at various local schools and he does a bajillion things for the community. He really is an action man, the “doer” or “go-getter”; his singing style reflects this too – leaning in to the microphone, tapping his foot and looking deep into the audience, very Bon Jovi. However; his music, lyrically speaking, was what caught me utterly off-guard. What could have easily been a stereotypical “you can do it” message was instead replaced with this overwhelming compassion and empathy for youth related struggles. It was more than refreshing to hear him sing lyrics such as “picking it up and putting it down it’s the same old shit over and over again.”   Ahh yes, not bullshi- I mean not giving lame advice…

As for lameness when it came to Candid K and her duo act Brief Divides I thought for a moment I might get up and
punch something.  Nail on the head for broken relationships.  Not just “the romantic stuff” of bf’s and gf’s but divulging into other aspects of life that are just as essential and often debilitating when undergoing tensions or strain. The team in particular had an amazing musical chemistry, Candid’s strong vocals revealed her obvious passion for the lyrics whilst Chris was the metronome and guitarist; together they harmonised beautifully. Just incredible, even exhilarating despite the pop edge which usually I wouldn’t fancy.

March 12

Chasing Cars Cover, Katt & Sam take the set to new heights.

Then came our last act, Sam Leslie. Listening to Leslie was like breathing, but with heavy air so you had to be slow, almost somber within yourself. For a while I forgot to write because I had become fully entranced by his composition. He closed his eyes in a soulful way, connecting and projecting into the audience and it was undoubtedly well received. He strummed lightly, his words filling empty spaces. When chatting later he noted he wrote upon reflecting: hence the depth and often late night writing. With inspiration from his own life and the struggles of others, the notions put forth within his music have variation and dynamic, but overall despite the depth, have a longing for hope. He performed the tracks from his EP ‘Fall & Rise’ along with the cover ‘Chasing Cars’ with friend Katt, together they formed a new gravity to the set. The technicality to his music was calming, insightful and the perfect way to end the performances for the night. His EP is out now on Bandcamp and is free on the download for any friends that want freebees.

A huge thankyou to all the artists that performed in our March community concert, for the wonderful community that continues to support Cup From Above and the crew for the night . A particular shout out to Conner Perring from Epic Music for the running of the event, Todd Boniface from Famed Images for the photography of the night and of course Adam James for the ongoing running and management of Cup From Above.

-Laura Collins

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Community Concert for Ash this Saturday

A big thanks to Jorja Orreal at the Northside Chronicle for the front page coverage of Ash and the community concert this Saturday night, 25 October. 

Northside Chronicle - 20141022 (2)

We’ve been collecting donations for Ash’s speech therapy lessons all month and you can donate at the cafe during the week or at the concert. We’ve got a great night organised with a line up including Andrew Peacock, Innersense and John Keenan. The music kicks off at 6pm with a BBQ and drinks for sale. 

Andrew will be selling his albums on the night, Between What’s Yours (2004) and Mine and The Lights of Your Town (2013), for $20 each. For every sale, Andrew will donate $10 to Ash’s speech therapy. This is a brilliant way to take home some amazing music and support Ash at the same time. 

The Lights Of Your Town - Andrew Peacock

So grab a friend or five and make sure you’re here on Saturday night. It’s going to be great!

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An Evening with C.A.R.S.

On the 27th September 2014 we were proud to host a Community Concert to raise money for C.A.R.S. (Community Access Respite Service).

Iain from Ozzie Tech very kindly filmed the event and has uploaded some of the footage to youtube.  Check it out!

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Northside Chronicle - 20140917Thanks to the Northside Chronicle for their great article for the book launch and community concert this Saturday 25th September. We’re really excited to be celebrating the launch of Peter Rowe’s new book and as always, we have a great line up of performers so make sure you come along!

For more information check out the Facebook event.


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Community Concert for our Homeless Friends this Saturday Nite

Chronicle 26Aug14The lovely people at the Northside Chronicle have published an article on our upcoming Community Concert this Saturday night 30th August 2014.  We’ve got some great musos lined up and the cash raised on the night is going towards helping our homeless friends here in Aspley.

For more info on the event this Saturday nite check the details on facebook here.


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August ’14 Community Concert

538380_10150855017776254_1008676428_nOnce again we’ll be holding a community concert on the last Saturday of the month.

We have several local musicians confirmed including Madalene Joy, John Keenan and Wesley Wiskar, who will each be performing a mix of originals and covers.

As usual, entry to the event is free. All of the musicians performing on the night are generously donating their time and talents, which means that every cent you donate on the night will go towards this month’s charity.

The aim of the event is not merely to raise money but to bring the community together to find real solutions and build genuine friendships with those who are doing it the hardest.  It’s expected that there will be several homeless folk from around Aspley present at the event.

This month we’re hoping to raise enough money to provide Rosies with a BBQ, gas bottle and utensils as well as several waterproof swags.  (Update 20/8:  BBQ has been donated!)

These concerts are a really great way to connect and engage with our community so make sure you’re there.

Event details: Saturday, 30th August 6 – 9pm FREE entry

Cold drinks and hot dogs available for purchase

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CFA Community Concert feat. Bethany Bruce & Mitchel Howard

Check out Bethany Bruce & Mitchel Howard performing an off-the-cuff jam of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean on the .  Steele McMahon does an epic improvised rap about Cup From Above half way through… check it out!  🙂

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