Cup From Above Christmas Care 17

Christmas is coming up quickly and we’re working hard so we can support the most struggling members of our community once again.  This year we’ll be better than ever.  We’ll be giving away free coffees from the cafe from 7am Christmas morning, we’ll be delivering hampers and visiting disconnected & disadvantaged members of our community and like last year we’ve got a chef putting on a banquet for the homeless and other members of our community doing it tough.  More than that this year we’ll be visiting the hospital and dropping off toys to the sick kids who are too unwell to be home with their families.  

To make it really great and connect with all the people who really need our support this Christmas we need your help.  Here’s how…

1.  Donate to our Christmas Care crowdfund here or directly to us with the hashtag #ccare17 via the bank details here.  We’ve raised $2500 but we need $8000 to cover all the costs or we’ll be short.

2.  Time!  We need people to volunteer in these days leading up to Christmas and on Christmas Day.  If you would like to do this please get in touch with our Christmas Care coordinator Holly via email at or join the facebook organising group here.

3.  Stuff.  If you would like to donate items for the hampers here’s a sample list of what we’ll be giving away…

Milk 1L Long Life, Pretzels, Fruit Mince Pies, Custard, Corn Chips, Salsa, Tim Tams, Christmas Pudding, Candy Canes, Tinned Fruit, Soup (Tin/Cuppa), French Bread Stick, Bottle of Soft Drink, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Bon Bons.

You can drop these items to the cafe this week inside normal business hours.

4.  Coffee.  We’ll be giving away a bunch of coffees Christmas morning so if you would like to purchase some Christmas “Suspended Coffees” (like the old days) we’d hugely appreciate it! Here’s the link

Thanks again for all your support guys.  We couldn’t do what we do without your support.  We hope you all have a truly blessed Christmas this year!


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Supporting Belinda & Clint

Belinda & Clint’s home burnt down here in Aspley last night.  They lost a lot of their personal belongings.  Worst of all they lost their family pets.  They are okay, no people were physically injured apart from a bit of smoke inhalation and the shock of losing their home.

We’re doing a collection to help them get back on track.  If you would like to donate towards helping them you can wire it through to…

Name:  Cup Aspley Limited
BSB:  034272
ACC:  268997

Please use the transaction description: home4bnc

They’re gonna need some furniture which we have some stuff in storage to donate.  The biggest problem right now is somewhere to live.  If someone knows of a temporary living situation for them that would be great.  Be good to have a few options.  Please email

Either way they’re gonna need help with moving house and purchasing items.  It’d be great if we could get together at least $2000 to make this easy for them to move house and get them set up in their new home.

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Night 1 of Street Week

I thought it was a car with a near flat battery with a frustrated driver going sick at the key draining the last remaining power… but it wasn’t.  It was a flock of Ibises (Ibides?) getting it on just along the creek bed we were sleeping in.  The only interruption is coming from tyres rolling on the bridge overhead.  It’s still winter time but the mosquitos are relentlessly marching towards our ears.

We had one bloke walk past us before.  He assumed we were homeless and said some pathetic good luck sentiment… then he saw me writing this post on my macbook pro.  He seemed to deduce we weren’t voluntarily homeless and asked what we were fundraising for.  I told him we were raising awareness for homelessness in Brisbane.  He seemed even more confused… then walked away.

I’m lying under this bridge thinking about it.  I’m really hungry.  I’m not doing this to raise awareness.  I’m doing this to provoke change.

I’m hoping that by doing this and by sharing these stories people will be motivated to DO something.  Anything.  There are hundreds of charities and churches desperate for fresh volunteers motivated to make real changes.

I couldn’t care less if you become more aware of homelessness.  That would cheapen what we’re doing.  I don’t want this to be charity porn.  Something you can watch from the safety and comfort of your home and not cost you anything.

But chances are if you’re still reading this that you actually do want to contribute something meaningful.  Let me tell you that the world is hurting and groaning in agony waiting for you to do your part to help.  You don’t need to be good at helping to help.  You can cook sausages at a bbq.  You can pack hampers and deliver them.  It will cost you.  There is a sacrifice needed to make a real difference.  The question is are you willing to give up watching one night of Master Chef to see someone’s life turned around?  That might be all it takes…

Follow us social media on the hashtag #STREETWEEK15


Twitter:  @CupFromAbove

Instagram:  @CupFromAboveCafe


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