Michael Seabrook & Grandpa’s Garden

Michael Seabrook sowing seeds.

About four years ago, Michael, a young guy working in retail in Aspley, happened to stroll past Cup From Above and decided to grab a coffee and check it out. His passion for people and giving back to the community instantly clicked with our mission, and Michael soon began volunteering. He tried his hand at being a barista, only to discover that boiling water was about his limit. But Michael is a big fan of gardening, driven by his love of eating good healthy food (and a strong dislike of spending lots of money on groceries!), so he took his hobby and teamed up with Adam to create a little collaborative urban farm project called Grandpa’s Garden.

Michael planned and set up a large vegie patch out the back of the café, spreading into the charity house garden. He continues to educate volunteers of all ages on how to sow seeds and seedlings, and maintain and water the plants (news to me that there’s a right and wrong way to watering – sorry to all my withering plants at home).  At Grandpa’s Garden, people are taught valuable skills that they then take back into their own homes and communities. 

Currently the garden is producing eggplant, tomatoes, parsley, lemongrass and a sneaky passion fruit vine. In a beautiful symbiotic process, the fresh, high quality produce is used in the café and the discarded coffee grounds get composted back onto the garden. As it continues to thrive, surplus veges are given to those in need in the community. 

Michael is an ideas man and he hasn’t stopped there. A new project is about to be launched, one that gives people a people a taste at home of what they’re eating at the café. Watch this space…

Article by Suz Faulkner

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Office Space?

If we’re successful next week in court we’re going to need our office space back for the young man to stay in.

We’d like to see if anyone has a small room or somewhere can use for an office.

As you can see in the photos we don’t need a big space.  Just 2 desks, 2 chairs, a filing cabinet, a printer and a computer.

We’d need access to it all throughout the week.  We have an administration night on Tuesdays where a bunch of volunteers from different professions get together to help on our projects.  We have volunteers doing their placement from various universities and other organisations who would be there.

It ideally needs to be somewhere in the triangle between Aspley, the Valley & Boondall.

If you have a space we could use for this we would hugely appreciate it.  We cannot afford to pay any rent.  We’re hoping someone out there simply has the spare space we could use.  It doesn’t have to be permanent but for at least 3 months would be greatly appreciated.

If you have some space available for us to use please email  Thank you!




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Help a young man get set free this Christmas

Many of you would have seen our post from the 24th August about the young man we’ve been supporting who was unexpectedly sent off to prison. Next week we’re going to the Supreme Court to re-apply to get him out on bail.

I’ve been reluctant to share this publicly for obvious reasons but we really need your help.

We have grown to know Ad well. He was introduced to hard drugs at an early age before most of us Australians even know what they are. This was a result of being brought up in a really destructive culture.

While struggling with an addiction to heroin as an adolescent and surrounded with a destructive environment he made a bunch of really bad choices and ended up in juvey and then prison.

I’ve gone over all the old charges with his lawyer and I’ve chatted to Ad at length about his past, his choices and his plans for the future. He’s remorseful for his past choices and has worked hard to really change.

Nat Carse from Krosswerdz connected with him several years ago in prison. Nat and his team run church services in prison. When they met, Ad was hungry for change and started attending. He was looking for a positive role model to guide him and his choices moving forwards.

Ad voluntarily detoxed off of all illicit drugs and methadone. It’s hard to explain how difficult it is to do this but it’s impressive. If you take into account his situation… it’s beyond impressive. It’s miraculous. It’s inspiring. The week he got arrested he was offered free meth and he said no. It takes real character to say no when there’s peer pressure from those you love to simply join in with something you know will make you feel better. He doesn’t even know I know this but I found out. It’s easy to say one thing to impress someone and then behave differently when “noone is watching”. This is one of the reasons why I’m supporting him now.

Nat Carse started a lawn mowing program that Cup From Above is collaborating with to create real paid work for Ad. We didn’t make it easy for him. To get to his job on time he’d have to wake up at 5am to catch several buses and trains. He did this without fail. Something I’ve rarely seen over the years in this work. He also showed promise as a cafe worker, he’s young enough, he has people skills. So we had just started to train him in the cafe too. He could also easily get a job in a cafe which is another option for his future.

One of the reasons I’m supporting Ad is that he has already started showing leadership qualities. He’s not a sheep. He’s started making those difficult values based decisions. I saw him challenge and encourage some of the crew here at Cup From Above in their choices. I’ve seen him with his older mentors that he’s connected with asking powerful questions about life and how to grow, how to deal with difficult situations.

The authorities have unfortunately looked at his past, the terrible choices he made while he was using heroin and assumed the worst of what happened in August. I can’t share too many details publicly. What he did that night was actually courageous. It was difficult, most people would have cowered away, he took a risk to step in and help a woman who was being beaten and then removed himself from the situation as quickly as possible to defuse an increase in violence. He then came to me and Nat to debrief about what happened. His conscience was clear. We went straight to the police to be transparent. I sat next to him as he explained to them what happened.

We need to celebrate and champion men like this. We need to exemplify him not punish him. There’s 1.3 million Australians out there who are currently using Crystal Meth. We need men like Ad to help lead the exodus out of addiction. If I do nothing, if we do nothing, he’s just gonna be sitting in a cell. It costs us, the taxpayer $116 000 every year to have him in that cell. Today we can choose to pay for him to stay in prison rotting away or we can pay a small amount to try and see him set free. I’m fighting so damn hard for this kid because I think he’s got something. I think if we set him free he’s gonna see other people set free. We’ve got a great team to support him. We’re gonna continue training, guiding and empowering him. We’ve got a job for him waiting. We’ve got a safe home for him to stay in. We just need to act now.

We’ve got a great legal team together.  A couple of barristers have heard his story and put up their hand to help for free.  William Sun, Anna & Matt; the wonderful team at Sun & Co Lawyers have worked really hard on this.  It’s impressive.  They’ve been meticulous going through every detail.  They’ve visited Addison in prison.  They’ve interviewed all his mentors who know Addison well and have been journeying with him to really get an understanding of who is and defend him accurately and thoroughly before the court.  They’re not getting a cent for this yet they’ve gone above and beyond to help ensure the best possible outcome for this man’s future.  To pay for this respected and proficient legal team it’d be in excess of $10,000 and they’re doing it because they believe in him the same as I do.

With his poor history it seems likely we’ll need to present some funds for him to get out on bail as surety for good behaviour until the court case. We’d like to offer $10,000 if the magistrate deems necessary.

We’d like to ask you to donate a small amount to help us reach this amount so we can see him set free before Christmas.

Bank Details…

Description: Ad4xmas
Name: Cup Aspley Ltd
BSB: 034272
ACC: 268997

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and if you send an email to or fill out the form here with the details of your transaction we will send you a tax deductible receipt.

The thought of him sitting in a cell this christmas is so painful, ridiculous and unnecessary. Our legal team is highly motivated to make all this happen and the plan is to have this resolved before Christmas.

Now there’s several details to all this which I have to explain…

If we’re successful in getting him out on bail and with the actual court case the bail money is surety for good behaviour. If the bail money is released upon a successful outcome with his court case we’ll use it for developing the lawn mowing project (Liberty Garden Care & Krosswerdz Care) to get much needed equipment and other support which will help Ad get and sustain more work upon release. We believe in “teaching a man to fish” rather than just giving fish. This program also helps other people like Ad. So the love will spread even further.

In the event Ad was released on bail and did reoffend the bail money would be forfeited. I believe in my heart that he wouldn’t reoffend. We’ve been proactive in preparing to ensure he’s well supported through this tenuous period.

There’s also the possibility our legal team would be unsuccessful and the magistrate could rule that he is not eligible for bail and/or we could lose the court case. This would be devastating however it is a possibility we need to think about. In this case we would invest the funds into that same program to help the other young men in similar situations we’re supporting to turn their lives around and get work.

Thank you everyone for helping us supporting men like Ad and for caring about those who downtrodden and forgotten.

Yours sincerely,
CEO & Founder of Cup From Above

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Update on Cup From Above June 2017

Cup From Above has been Resurrected!

After a short homeless hiatus Cup From Above v2.0 will continue to serve the finest coffee from 6am Monday, 5th June!

There’s been a few changes but the core of our mission is still the same.  We’ll be selling great coffee to make cash and use that cash to help people in need.  We’ll be training people up how to become great baristas and help them find work, we’ll be helping people in emergency crisis situations, and we’ll be journeying with some of the most disadvantaged members of our community for the long haul to see them flourishing.

The New Location is: 740 Ann St, Fortitude Valley.

We’d like to say a huge thankyou to Trent Meade and the team at Revelry Entertainment who own and run the popular Valley club called “The GPO”.  Named because it used to be the Post Office many years ago.  They have warmly welcomed us into their great venue placed in the heart of Fortitude Valley.

The word fortitude means “courage through adversity” so Fortitude Valley kinda means “courage through valley”.  Which seems to suit us well.  Unfortunately there is no parking at the new site.  For a detailed map showing exactly where we are and the best places to park in the Valley please visit the map on our website here.

Australia’s Addiction Pandemic

We took a short break from making coffee which gave us the opportunity to increase our efforts on our charitable objectives.

We now have 3x “Sevens” champion peer support groups helping some of the most disadvantaged members of our community.

Australia’s greatest social crisis right now is probably the pandemic of Crystal Meth addiction.  The answer is complex and we are focussing and refining our strategies around targeting the very core of this issue.

The effects of addiction are simply devastating but there is nothing more precious and beautiful than seeing someone crippled with addiction reconciled with their partners and children.  The text message saying thank you on their first day back at work.  Dropping them off at home after feeding them when they were living on the streets.  That’s why we do this.


Our aim is still to raise $87,500 so that we can provide 60 hours per week of continuous support to see the most difficult members of our community and see them liberated from the vice of addiction and the horrific behaviour that comes with it.  We need a full time professional and a part time support worker to manage the “Sevens” peer support groups.  We’ve found this to be the most thorough, inexpensive, authentic strategy to see people restored.  We need your support to continue this vital work.  You can donate $30 per week which guarantees 1 hour paid work towards helping (currently sitting at 14.5 hours pledged).  It’s the end of the financial year so if you would like to make a one off donation towards this goal it would hugely appreciated.

Cut From Above

We’ve teamed up with Nat Carse from Village Church and Chris Rahilly from Northside Yard and Garden Maintenance to trial a lawn mowing program to champion some blokes in our community who need some work to get back on track.

The best way you can support this for now is by calling Chris on 0404 479 585 if you need any yard work done.


Thanks to all the original members who have recently purchased their annual renewal and we’d like to welcome on board all the new members.

It’s thanks to your consistent support that has enables us to help transform lives.

We currently have 301 members.  You can sign up in store from Monday or via the link here.

Charity HQ Search Continues…

We are continuing to search for a premises to officially base the charity out of in or near Aspley.  It could potentially be anywhere on the Northside of Brisbane but it seems right to stay here.  The charity house, formerly located behind the old cafe is still being used to store furniture for people in crisis, our administration work is being done from there.  More than that we have continued supporting people from the house every day.  In the last month we’ve had 3 men in various extreme crisis situations stay at the charity house.  This is a vital need we must find a long term solution for.

5th Birthday & Opening Celebration

It’s hard to believe that the 18th June 2017 will be our 5th Birthday.  We’ll be unexpectedly celebrating this one in our new venue which seems fitting to make this the official opening ceremony.  Details on facebook here.  This event is for members only.

Visit to Deception Bay High School

CEO Adam James & Chris Rahilly were honoured to speak with some of the great young men and women at Deception Bay High.  It’s so important to encourage, educate and motivate the vulnerable younger members of our community.

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Times They Are A-changin

It’s my deepest regret to let you all know that after nearly 5 years our cafe here in Aspley is closing down.  We had intended to stay here for at least the next 6 years especially after investing in building our kitchen at the end of last year.  The landlords have been pretty nasty about it.  However I believe it’s right for us to move forwards with an improved mission and strategic plan.

I can’t describe how much it hurt when I found out a couple of weeks ago.  So much of my life has been invested into this site.  I have to admit I considered that this might be the end of the road for us.  But then I was reminded of something.  I sat out the back in the garden area and reflected over our journey together.  I can remember placing every stone in the wall and the person who helped build it with me and the conversations that brought a bit of healing.  One stone I remember talking with a man who’d just got out of prison after 10 years and couldn’t resolve forgiving himself for what he did.  By the end of that day building that bit of the wall with me Jason finally received forgiveness for the first time in his life and was ready to move forwards with his life.  Every paver, every garden, every painted picture has a story here.  What I was reminded of is that even on those long days when we were building this place we never thought we were building a great cafe.  We were repairing relationships.  We were building men.  On a spiritual level I think Cup From Above is more than a cafe.  I believe it’s an orphanage.  It’s been a home for the lost and who just needed somewhere safe to escape to and be comforted, restored, encouraged, redirected, educated and loved.  This chapter, at this geographical, site has come to an end but WE WILL CONTINUE WITH THIS MISSION.  We’re losing this building but we’re taking the wisdom we’ve learnt together with us.

From the first day of opening Cup From Above I literally asked myself what would a cafe in heaven look like?  That’s been my overarching motivation and philosophy for everything we’ve ever done here.  This is how it played out in my mind…  In heaven there’s no such thing as a disability.  I reckon everyone is able enough to achieve their purpose in life.  So we trained people with disabilities as best as they were capable how to make heavenly coffee and get them authentic jobs.  In heaven people don’t go hungry.  So we fed everyone who came in who was hungry.  In heaven everyone is loved and valued.  So we gave everyone who couldn’t afford a coffee one for free and spent time with them.  In heaven there’s no crime.  So we taught criminals their true worth, restored them and empowered them with valuable employable skills.  In heaven fathers don’t die of heart disease when their kids are young.  So we started a garden to grow nutritious food and cook it up tasty and give it to the sick, poor & homeless.  In heaven no one is lonely from mental health problems.  So we built interconnected life affirming relationships around those who were struggling with poor mental health.

Even though this place has been largely inspired and driven by my christian faith I never wanted this to be just another ‘church cafe’.  I’ve purposed to keep it a truly diverse community cafe for everyone in this geographical community and we’ve deliberately embraced satanists, atheists, agnostics and buddhists as equal members here.  We’ve connected with both sides and every level of politics to collectively work together to help those in most need in our community.  All this has been complex at times.  But diversity is beautiful, it’s real and it’s right.  We’re better together.

I’m proud to say we’ve nearly completed our new 10 year strategic plan and God it’s beautiful.  It makes so much more sense.  It’ll be formally released in the next couple of weeks.  To give you a snapshot for now we’re calling it Operation:  Robin Hood.  The main issue here at Aspley has been having dangerous people receiving therapeutic support while trying to run a profitable cafe.  It just doesn’t work.  In the 60 months of being here only 1 of them was commercially profitable.  59 months we LOST money.  It’s okay because we used the cafe to help people and the cost to benefit ratio was definitely worthwhile when you look at the incredible outcomes we were able to achieve by doing this.  However this is not sustainable, safe, nor is it the optimal way to execute our mission.  I’ve built a great new team to guide us and our plan is to find a new cafe site in an affluent area of Brisbane.  Run it as a great profitable hospitality business, have only one “hospitality intern” at a time, and use the profits to help those who are really struggling.  “Take from the rich and give to the poor”.  We did a thorough analysis of what we’ve done well and what we’ve done really bad over the last 5 years.  We’re good at chronic support.  We good at taking someone who is using hard drugs, engaging in criminal activity, in and out of prison, homelessness and broken relationships, who is ready for change and lead and guide them through to sobriety, empower them with employable skills and a real career, encouraging them and championing them, teaching them interpersonal skills so they can restore broken relationships and build new healthy ones and not just get housing but a home to build a life in.  We’ve done this well and we’ll keep doing this for Brisbane’s forgotten and downtrodden.  We’ll keep dropping off hampers and healthy nutritious food to pregnant women facing homelessness and single dads who are struggling to make ends meet.  We’re good at this.  We’re gonna continue training people with barriers to employment how to make great coffee and help them secure jobs.  We’re good at this.  We love coffee and people.  We’ve got a temporary solution to continue doing this uninterrupted while we don’t have a cafe.

Our charitable support will actually increase after the closure of our Aspley cafe.  This is a crazy paradox but it’s true.  But right now it actually costs money to have the cafe and it takes up sooooo much time.  It just means until we reopen a new profitable cafe there won’t be an easy way to engage with us like there has been at the cafe.  We’ll keep posting up about the great stories of supporting people online (that we’re only able to do because you support us).  The charity will continue to run from our office in Aspley 6 days a week.  The new cafe will be geographically separate from most of our charitable activities.   Therefore we won’t have any of the danger concerns of being a pseudo drop in centre.  People won’t be able to access help via the cafe directly.

We’re looking for a new cafe site.  We’re going to take our time to carefully assess the next pilot site.  If you know of a potentially great site please email it through to  We have formed a committee of highly successful people in the hospitality industry to thoroughly assess the new site(s) to ensure financial viability and ongoing success.

We will need to fundraise to open the new cafe.  Fortunately we get to keep all the equipment we purchased from our fundraising efforts only 6 months ago.  It’s unlikely to fit in the new site so we’ll have to sell some equipment and buy some new items.  There’s a lot of other setup costs.  I estimate we will need at least $20,000 for the new site.  If you would like to donate towards this it would be greatly appreciated.  You can via the link here.  If it’s specifically for this new venture please use the description “NEWCFACAFE” so we know to allocate it towards this specifically.

We’ll be holding a little “farewell funeral & wake” at the cafe.  Date TBA but we’ll announce it soon.  The current plan is to close the doors on Saturday, 29th April.  So many lives have been touched here and we wanted some way to commemorate the journey.  We have this beautiful orange journal (donated by our lovely new neighbours Bookbinders).  Please come in and leave a message sharing your greatest memory here at Cup From Above Aspley.  If we’ve contributed to your life and journey we’d love it if you shared that in the book.

I am so honoured to have journeyed with you all here.  I have so many great new friendships that have been forged and old ones bolstered on this 5 year adventure.  You have all taught me so much and I’m so grateful to everyone who has donated time, money, blood, sweat or tears to this cause.  I love this community of Aspley.  Rich even with all it’s blemishes and colour.  I didn’t actually think any of this would actually be possible, 6 years ago it was merely a dubious dream,  but you’ve all proven to me over these years that the impossible is possible.  I plan to take this ‘hope against hope’ you’ve demonstrated me on to the next phase of our journey.

Thank you everyone, love you all.




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Supporting Belinda & Clint

Belinda & Clint’s home burnt down here in Aspley last night.  They lost a lot of their personal belongings.  Worst of all they lost their family pets.  They are okay, no people were physically injured apart from a bit of smoke inhalation and the shock of losing their home.

We’re doing a collection to help them get back on track.  If you would like to donate towards helping them you can wire it through to…

Name:  Cup Aspley Limited
BSB:  034272
ACC:  268997

Please use the transaction description: home4bnc

They’re gonna need some furniture which we have some stuff in storage to donate.  The biggest problem right now is somewhere to live.  If someone knows of a temporary living situation for them that would be great.  Be good to have a few options.  Please email

Either way they’re gonna need help with moving house and purchasing items.  It’d be great if we could get together at least $2000 to make this easy for them to move house and get them set up in their new home.

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The Northside Chronicle Champions Tucker Tokens!

Huge thanks to Andrea MacLeod for doing a story on our Tucker Token idea so we can spread the love outside of Cup From Above.

All you need to do is ask your local cafe if they do Tucker Tokens and offer to buy one for someone in need for them to give away.  Thanks for helping people less fortunate than yourself.

Here’s the article…

front page 29Jun16

pg7 NC 29Jun16


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Night 1 of Street Week

I thought it was a car with a near flat battery with a frustrated driver going sick at the key draining the last remaining power… but it wasn’t.  It was a flock of Ibises (Ibides?) getting it on just along the creek bed we were sleeping in.  The only interruption is coming from tyres rolling on the bridge overhead.  It’s still winter time but the mosquitos are relentlessly marching towards our ears.

We had one bloke walk past us before.  He assumed we were homeless and said some pathetic good luck sentiment… then he saw me writing this post on my macbook pro.  He seemed to deduce we weren’t voluntarily homeless and asked what we were fundraising for.  I told him we were raising awareness for homelessness in Brisbane.  He seemed even more confused… then walked away.

I’m lying under this bridge thinking about it.  I’m really hungry.  I’m not doing this to raise awareness.  I’m doing this to provoke change.

I’m hoping that by doing this and by sharing these stories people will be motivated to DO something.  Anything.  There are hundreds of charities and churches desperate for fresh volunteers motivated to make real changes.

I couldn’t care less if you become more aware of homelessness.  That would cheapen what we’re doing.  I don’t want this to be charity porn.  Something you can watch from the safety and comfort of your home and not cost you anything.

But chances are if you’re still reading this that you actually do want to contribute something meaningful.  Let me tell you that the world is hurting and groaning in agony waiting for you to do your part to help.  You don’t need to be good at helping to help.  You can cook sausages at a bbq.  You can pack hampers and deliver them.  It will cost you.  There is a sacrifice needed to make a real difference.  The question is are you willing to give up watching one night of Master Chef to see someone’s life turned around?  That might be all it takes…

Follow us social media on the hashtag #STREETWEEK15


Twitter:  @CupFromAbove

Instagram:  @CupFromAboveCafe


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Community, Coffee, Terrorists and Peace on Earth

This week the nation stopped to watch a man take hostage of some Australians buying coffee from a cafe in Sydney.  This man believed that his life and the lives of others were a worthwhile payment for some advertising for his beliefs.  It didn’t really work because his website and facebook page have since been taken down… all that remains are 140 character sermons on his Twitter account.

He was a self appointed Islamic Sheikh who saw himself as a kind of freedom fighter against the United States government and her allies.  Only a few days ago he posted…


Thieves tools left at our back door

The same night the #SydneySiege was going down we had yet another break in attempt at Cup From Above.  Thank God this one was unsuccessful.

Cup From Above is a Community Cafe.  Our mission is to “Love & Connect Our Community” and today, the 18th December, we have now been open two and a half years.  What a journey.  And today, just like everyday, we helped several people at the cafe who are struggling with addiction, homelessness and mental illness.

The word community is derived from a latin word munio which means to build up, to fortify and to strengthen.  That’s what we’re trying to do at Cup From Above:  we’re a community cafe.  As a community we work together to build each other up because together we’re stronger and life is just better lived together.

Hussain Ali & Adam James

Hussain Ali & Adam James

We have 73 volunteers in total now.  A lot of the crew here are christians.  There’s been 14 different christian denominations represented.  I’m a christian myself but I’ve fought hard to avoid the cafe becoming a “christian cafe”.  A bunch of our valued team members are atheists and agnostics.  We’ve proudly showcased art on our walls by muslim Afghani refugees.  We even had a satanist here for a while!  Now I vehemently disagree with satanism but that doesn’t mean that individual is not an equal valued member of our community.  The satanist is welcome just the same as the Jehovah’s Witness, the muslim, the post modern secular humanist or the local southern cross tattoo’d bogan who doesn’t know what the bloody hell he is.  We’re Aussie’s who live in Aspley, love coffee and working with each other to help out people in need and because of that we’re all built up, fortified and strengthened.

You see when a community was being attacked they would come together to fortify (munio) and build a wall around the village so they were safe.  Safe from wild animals or marauders that might attack and steal from them.  It was something the community came together to build to DEFEND themselves.  There’s another english word that was also derived from the latin word munio: ammunition.

For me-as a Jesus follower-I believe in being an ambassador of peace.  Ironically according to twitter so did Man Horan Monis!  This is exactly what he claimed he was doing.  Yet he took ammunition, put it in a gun and killed innocent people to bring about peace by exposing the U.S. Government (for taking ammunition, putting it in a gun, and sending it over with soldiers to kill innocent people).

I think it’s difficult to make peace with ammunition.  I believe the best way to make peace is with community.  As a community it’s healthy to build a defence against wild animals like Man Horan Monis.  I think it’s fair game that the police have guns and the best training possible so they hopefully never have to use them but can if necessary.

Yes I believe in justice.  Yes there should be consequences to actions.  I believe in healthy confrontation and tough love.  So much so that a few of my team members think I’m too harsh some times.  But it’s not punishment that brings about peace.  It’s grace.

If we really want to bring about peace we have to learn to live in a real community with people who we disagree with and don’t like.  This means you are forced to get over your pride in some false sense of superiority.  This disease of pride infects both the poor and rich, black and white, old and young, religious and non.  The cure is a heavy regular dose of loving your community.  If you’re not doing anything for your community… you’re probably infected.

If anyone was justified in wanting revenge it would be the father of Tori Johnson who was murdered on Monday.  I publicly applaud his statement “I want to demonstrate that there can be peace in the world. My son has paved the way for that and I want to make sure I continue it” (article here).

Not only hasn’t there been a backlash in response to mentally ill people or muslims… Australians are proactively ensuring that they continue to feel safe and valued in the community with the campaign #illridewithyou.

It’s very likely that the people who have robbed us and tried to rob us again were the same people we gave free food to today on our two and a half year anniversary.  It’s so frustrating.  But nothing compared to what’s just happened in Sydney.  I also believe in “blessing those who persecute you”.  I believe in “turning the other cheek”.  And I just hope and pray that tomorrow is the day they turn their life around.  Who knows… maybe they are another future Man Horan Monis and because I showed them unnecessary grace it stops them from becoming a peace-destroying murderer.

Tomorrow is our last day for this year.  Thank you all for working alongside us to help build a great community here in Aspley.

We look forward to even greater things in 2015.  Have a merry Christmas.


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QUT Staff Community Welfare Fund

Cup From Above was honoured to receive a grant from the QUT Staff Community Welfare Fund!


Tim Fairfax & Adam James at the QUT Staff Welfare Fund Ceremony















With the funds we were able to purchase pavers to pave the area leading up to the graffiti wall, the toilet and “Grandpa’s Garden”.  Previously it was just a pile of rocks and very difficult for anyone with a disability to access.

For two and a half years we had to boil the kettle to get hot water to mop the floors!  Not any more.  Sean Taylor from Taylor’d Plumbing Works installed a brand new 120L hot water system and laid new water pipes which had been damaged.  He did a fantastic job so if you need a plumber he’s your man!

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We’d like to say a massive thank you to the great people from QUT who believe in supporting their community so much that they’d contribute and sacrifice their hard earned dollars to help make Aspley a greater place to live!  Thank you.


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