Meet Cailey.

When I met Cailey recently, the first thing I noticed were her twinkly eyes and warm, kind nature. Over cold pressed coffee we talked about the past twelve months and I soon discovered that she’d been on quite a journey.

Finishing Year 12 last year, Cailey didn’t know what to do next, and was pretty terrified about finding out. She had been following Cup From Above on Facebook for a few years, and tentatively started volunteering at the café. In this community of acceptance, love and support, she slowly started to gain her confidence back. She shared with me that working there has helped her to be more generous and forgiving, and has empowered her to start venturing out again.

The team trained her up to be a Jedi barista, and with this newfound confidence, Cailey successfully scored a job at another local café. When she’s not there you can often find her back at Cup From Above, continuing to volunteer at the place she considers to be a second family. Thank you Cailey for all that you joyfully give to our community!

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(If you’ve always wanted to be a Jedi…barista, we offer paid courses

Article by Suz Faulkner

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Brisbane Coffee Crawl

As most of you know I have been on much needed holidays.  Me and Big Kev took the opportunity to do some exploring of other great coffee shops around Brisbane that we have been eagerly wanting to visit.  Here they are…

IMG_0345 IMG_0346 IMG_0347 IMG_0349 IMG_0352 IMG_0353 IMG_0355

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SOS Single Origin Saturday: Australia Green Cauldron Estate

Beans From Above are proud to bring you another great Single Origin Coffee.
Australia Green Cauldron Estate
Region:   Federal in the Northern Rivers District of NSW
Varietal/Process:  K7 Dry Process
It is rich and fruity with a hint of citrus.  Medium bodied and medium acidity.  Australia has only recently birthed a handful of world class coffee plantations.  Green Cauldron have begun to prove themselves on the international stage with this exceptionally smooth harvest.
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SOS Single Origin Saturday: Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Palmyra

This Saturday Beans From Above are proud to bring you another great Single Origin Coffee.

Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Palmyra
Farmer:  Price Peterson
Region:  Boquete in the Province of Chiriqui
Varietal/Process:  Catuai/Washed
MASL:  1100-1250

This is a traditional Boquete coffee from the famous Hacienda La Esmeralda.  Palmyra grows on the slopes of the Baru volcano, in rich volcanic soils, in the area known as Palmira.  This coffee is almost entirely of the Catuai varietal of Coffea Arabica.  With a medium body & medium acidity, notes of nuts, chocolate and a vanilla glimmer throughout.

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SOS Single Origin Saturday: El Salvador Finca Himalaya

Beans From Above are proud to bring you another great Single Origin Coffee.

El Salvador Finca Himalaya

Farmer:  Mauricio A Salavenia

Region:  Ataco/Apaneca

Varietal/Process:  Caturra Naturals

MASL: 1350 – 1450

Cupping Notes:  Q88.50  Notes of dark berries. Med Acidity with good body.

This selection is a Caturra from Finca Himalaya.  All coffees are picked on the same day and brought to Divisadero mill at the same time.  Coffees are then mixed and placed on an African bed approximately 30 centimetres thick and then dried at a high altitude of 1,350 metres. This  carries increased complexity, while the consistent processing method ensures each bean bears the same density and heat capacity, enabling the consumer to roast and extract coffee beans to its full potential.

In the first three days coffee is turned for 24 hours to reduce fermentation. It is then spread thinly to increase clarity. Once moisture has reached 16%, the coffee is moved to a cool, dark storage area where it will stay for seven days for sugars to stabilise. Then finally the coffee is moved to African beds again for another 7days or until moisture in the beans reach 12%. This is a complex 4-week process, but it is well worth it!

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Coffee Changes…

Cup From Above is very excited to announce that we are the proud new owners of a PB La Marzocca Espresso Machine!



And we are also proud to announce that we are now running coffee supplied & roasted by Wolff Coffee Roasters!











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BURBS & ZELUS start the Great Wall of Graffiti

For those who haven’t yet seen, the walls out the back of Cup From Above are now home to some insanely colourful scenes.  Owls, girls, hearts, text, faces, James Alley and Co. from Metagraphics have gone all out.

You can watch the clip of them having some fun here…

Among other things, Cup From Above can now boast that we are the only known Brisbane cafe to feature an owl on it’s toilet!

Hope to see more work from James and other budding artists in the future, and to contact the cafe regarding working on the wall, email me at:

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Caffeine Kindness – ABC Radio

5486906-3x4-700x933 (1)

Cup From Above has recently been visited by ABC Radio National’s Kate Walton capturing the essence of how we use a simple drink to help the community as best we can, as part of her wider focus on Suspended Coffees. 

A huge thanks to Kate, who was an absolute pleasure to have around the cafe, and even tried her hand at making herself her very first flat white.

Extra thanks also go to all of those involved, the final result is worth the listen!

You can listen to the finished result here:

Kate Walton from ABC Radio National & a bunch of the CFA Crew

Kate Walton from ABC Radio National & a bunch of the CFA Crew





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1 Year Anniversary of Suspended Coffees!

A little over a year ago I was told about this idea called “Suspended Coffees”.  We discussed it as a team here at Cup From Above and 10003419_10153946677560322_1367465145_ndecided to go ahead with it on the 1st April 2013.  You can read the original blog post here.  I went and bought this little rack from my mate Brad at Bargain City for $2.  I fixed it to the wall and cut up some little cardboard hearts as tokens.  I didn’t expect that it would be on national TV or that it would be discussed in Parliament.  If only I knew I would’ve got the upmarket rack for $5.  😛

What I didn’t understand at the time is most of us don’t know how to help people.  Most of us want this world to be better and we know that comes through sharing and loving and helping people in need-but how?  Suspended Coffees aren’t the solution.  I think they’re simply a window into what we hope our world could be.  A $4 token of Hope.  You see I was worried about this at the start… and nearly didn’t do it… I thought it might cheapen the sincerity of a genuine caring interdependent community.  The type of living community that revolves around our little cafe.  It didn’t though.  They became an ice breaker.  A stepping stone to greater generosity.  It quickly exceeded what I expected…  I saw arrogant & selfish people giving for the first time.  It was a way for them to dabble with generosity!  I’ve seen the outrageous generosity of people who I know are extremely poor giving happily & wholeheartedly.  And I’ve seen people who I know are rich in their wallets-but poor in the things that matter receive a coffee made with love-given by someone poorer than them.  And it’s changed them for the better.10153911_10153949490680322_1868986163_n

There was a lot of talk at the start about “the right people” getting one.  The thing is no-one needs a coffee.  But everyone needs love.  This is just a small way for strangers to show anonymous generosity to each other.  To show that they care and build community here.

Most days now we get more than one person in who’s feeling really broken and just needs a bit of support.  They get to have a great cup of coffee and often get overwhelmed with compassion and end up in tears.

We’ve started getting more and more people who have needed food.  There are many people in our community who simply can’t afford a meal some days and the basic food we can currently offer is enough to fill their bellies.  We can’t offer much until the next stage of the cafe is finished.  But as of today, on the anniversary of offering Suspended Coffees we’ll be offering “Suspended Tucker” tokens for $5.

It’s been such an honour to be able to host and facilitate this generosity but we can’t really take the credit.  It only happens because you beautiful people have given selflessly.  Your generosity have created these beautiful stories that help build such a great community here.

You can purchase suspended coffees & now “suspended tucker” in store and online here.

Thanks Aspley and all those around the world who have supported Suspended Coffees.


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New Role: Cafe Coach

Our primary goal at Cup From Above is to help train up disadvantaged people so they can find authentic employment.   As you all know the cafe is also used for many other projects that help build community.  However, great coffee is at the heart of this and without making consistently amazing coffee we couldn’t do all these other great things in the community.

To help see this vision come alive we are creating a new role we are calling “Cafe Coach”.  Each shift there will be a Coach on to encourage, coordinate & teach their team so that they can become great baristas much more quickly while maintaining a first class standard to our customers.

We are looking for people that have a passion to help the community, are psychologically healthy and have great communication skills.  Hospitality and specifically barista experience is preferred but we can provide training.  You will need to commit to roughly 1 day a week (or at least a couple of afternoons per month) and the shift times would be 11:15am to 4:45pm.

The role is unpaid volunteer work.  Your efforts will help people find work who have never had employment before.  Through our collective efforts we can help even more people in the community.

You can apply by contacting us on the form here.  Thank you!

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