Supporting Belinda & Clint

Belinda & Clint’s home burnt down here in Aspley last night.  They lost a lot of their personal belongings.  Worst of all they lost their family pets.  They are okay, no people were physically injured apart from a bit of smoke inhalation and the shock of losing their home.

We’re doing a collection to help them get back on track.  If you would like to donate towards helping them you can wire it through to…

Name:  Cup Aspley Limited
BSB:  034272
ACC:  268997

Please use the transaction description: home4bnc

They’re gonna need some furniture which we have some stuff in storage to donate.  The biggest problem right now is somewhere to live.  If someone knows of a temporary living situation for them that would be great.  Be good to have a few options.  Please email

Either way they’re gonna need help with moving house and purchasing items.  It’d be great if we could get together at least $2000 to make this easy for them to move house and get them set up in their new home.

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Cup From Above becomes a Charity

Black Logo_Print (1)We would like to announce that Cup From Above is now a registered Australian Charity!

All donations over $2 are now tax deductible.

Cup From Above has been trading for two and a half years.  We never anticipated that we would have achieved so much in this time.

We are now effectively a Community Organisation that also runs a cafe.  Our mission is to “Love & Connect Our Community”.  Our primary program is training people with barriers to employment how to become a great barista and assist them to find a job.  However, as most of you know, we now do far more than that.

We are reliant on the support of people like you who believe in sacrificing to build up their community.  On our own we can’t do much but together we can make a real difference.

If you would like to support Cup From Above financially please visit this link.

Thank you for journeying with us for the last two and a half years.  We look forward to continuing to partner with you into the future.

Much love,
-Adam James


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QUT Staff Community Welfare Fund

Cup From Above was honoured to receive a grant from the QUT Staff Community Welfare Fund!


Tim Fairfax & Adam James at the QUT Staff Welfare Fund Ceremony















With the funds we were able to purchase pavers to pave the area leading up to the graffiti wall, the toilet and “Grandpa’s Garden”.  Previously it was just a pile of rocks and very difficult for anyone with a disability to access.

For two and a half years we had to boil the kettle to get hot water to mop the floors!  Not any more.  Sean Taylor from Taylor’d Plumbing Works installed a brand new 120L hot water system and laid new water pipes which had been damaged.  He did a fantastic job so if you need a plumber he’s your man!

10802038_10154849064235322_6516905428028307632_n 1471271_10154833126805322_3004630482519499302_n












We’d like to say a massive thank you to the great people from QUT who believe in supporting their community so much that they’d contribute and sacrifice their hard earned dollars to help make Aspley a greater place to live!  Thank you.


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An Evening with C.A.R.S.

On the 27th September 2014 we were proud to host a Community Concert to raise money for C.A.R.S. (Community Access Respite Service).

Iain from Ozzie Tech very kindly filmed the event and has uploaded some of the footage to youtube.  Check it out!

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Streetsmart 2014: We raised $120,263

On 8th August this year Cup From Above joined in, for the 3rd year now, fundraising for Streetsmart.  $1 from each coffee sold on the day went to Streetsmart to fund grassroots projects helping homeless people throughout Australia.

Here is an excerpt from their website about the fundraiser…

What an amazing day the August 8th turned out to be. Across Australia, coffee heads came together to fundraise for their local communities with 410 cafes, 18 coffee roasters and thousands of coffee drinkers working together to raise a record breaking $120,263 (up from $83,950 in 2013 ) to fund local grassroots homeless projects. For every coffee sold on the day, cafes donated $1 and coffee roasters helped out supplying beans. It all came together for 2014 with terrific support from our main sponsor Vitasoy, our media supporters including Broadsheet, Beanscene, GRAM, YELP, Beanhunter, The Weekend Edition, and with a great new logo and collateral produced by Clear Design and PR support from Stellar Concepts.

Adam Robinson CEO of StreetSmart Australia said “We can’t thank the cafés, roasters, supporters and sponsors enough for making CaféSmart such a great annual event, and a fundraising success. Having over 400 small businesses involved during National Homeless Persons Week, creating a huge buzz on social media, and getting involved and fundraising was great to see. Yet again the hospitality sector, and in particular the coffee industry, has shown just how generous and community minded they are.”

100% of the tally will now go back to the community to fund smaller charities and organizations who often don’t have the resources to fundraise themselves. StreetSmart will now distribute the funds raised locally, to provide emergency aid including food and shelter, as well as projects that promote social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for some of our most disadvantaged neighbours.



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CFA Iced Coffee Bucket Challenge

I was challenged to the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” on the weekend.  I checked out the ALS Association on Charity Navigator (link here) and they seem like a well run organisation.  They’ve received $100 million in the last 2 months which is double their annual target and the money is still rolling in.  And all thanks to a brilliant quirky idea started by former baseball player Pete Frates who has ALS and was driven to support the organisation that’s helped people in his situation.  ALS are gonna be set for quite some time!

I’m obviously passionate about local issues and there are serious issues on our doorstep here in Aspley, Brisbane that I feel are more urgent than donating to an organisation who has already exceeded their target.

We’re now feeding many struggling folk everyday.  We do this by people from the community purchasing “Tucker Tokens” for $5 each which you can purchase in the store or online here

I reckon that charity without love is just pity.  And noone wants pity.  Tipping a bucket of water over your head and putting it on social media doesn’t solve any problems.  Even better than buying a tucker token from us I would encourage you to simply help someone who is struggling that you know… someone in your workplace or the homeless guy you walked by on your way to work.  In most cases just listening to someone tell their story is enough and give ’em a little bit of encouragement and while you’re doing it sit down with them and shout them a meal.  If everyone did that we would barely need charity organisations.

So here’s my response to the challenge… I hope you enjoy watching Kevin Kelly douse me in freezing Iced Coffee!

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Project Mirror-Mirror- August 3rd





Local women were pampered at Bella Amore on Sunday, as community collaboration ‘Project Mirror-Mirror’ cut, coloured and combed for no charge

There was an immediately tangible atmosphere of cheerfulness as soon as the door was opened to Bella Amore that rose above the usual throng of conversation and clutter of a small salon.
Newly opened and located on Aspley’s Gympie Road, the salon has wasted no time in building community support through its initiative to help residents of the Aspley Caravan Park with hair and makeup.

Project Mirror- Mirror is the brainchild of Kayla Marshall, a hairdresser at Bella Amore and proud member of the community.
Growing up as the child of a single mother, her endeavour to help the women of Aspley reflects upon a more personal sentiment.
Polly Lewis – university student and spokesperson for the project, was happy to describe the drive behind Mirror- Mirror.

“She wanted to bless single mums in the area…She just wanted to do something for them, for free.”

The project is helped along by an enthusiastic local resident- Rachel, who brings women along from Aspley’s local caravan park to discover the wonder of some home-grown TLC, offering a range of beauty services to those who have recently struggled to find the time to pamper themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.12.02 am

The hair a result of the hard work done at Project Mirror- Mirror, modelled by Aspley resident Summer Adamson


The variety of treatments available at Bella Amore – often revolving around the availability of its staff – was on this occasion undertaking a cut and colour progression, salon owner Catherine Catterall carefully removing foils as behind her makeup artist Bianca Demmers was squarely focused on eyeliner.
Local girls Aleah, Seeker and Summer acted as models for the afternoon, happy to chat as coffees from nearby Cup From Above were delivered as part of their afternoon service.

Polly described the ease in which the community had banded together when drawing out the project, nearby Cup From Above cafe providing a meeting point and initial ‘Mirror- Mirror’ location as owner Adam Cocks helped provide planning and community contacts, as Catherine also was all too happy to help.

“They all just chatted about it, and Catherine seemed really keen to help out and they all just jumped on board…We just want the women here to feel that they’re loved and they’re appreciated for what they do..and it’s always nice to get pampered.”

Store owner Catherine, who until recently had been primarily looking after her child, appears to be making the very most her time back in a salon after five years, and also emphasised the importance of the treatment.

“It just gives the women such a boost.”

Rachel was also keen to highlight the importance of self esteem in areas such as the caravan park.

“Not everyone can look at themselves the way other people do…It makes me feel good, seeing the smiles on everyones faces.”

Polly hopes that Project Mirror- Mirror will occur more frequently in future, adding that the building of relationships in the community is as important as the services themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.53.42 am

The finishing touches on Seekers’ hair following Catherine’s expertise

Thanks to the team at Bella Amore Aspley and to all involved in Project Mirror- Mirror:

Bella Amore Hair & Beauty


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Helping the Homeless in August

10492150_10152633035464374_7830199361352164431_nMonday 4th – Sunday 10th August is Homeless Person’s Week.  For the third year Cup From Above will be supporting Streetsmart.  On Friday, 8th August 2014 $1 from each coffee purchased at Cup From Above and other participating cafes will go towards helping out homeless people in Australia.

It made sense to dedicate the whole month of August to helping out the homeless.

Rosies are a great organisation helping out the homeless in SE Qld.  They also happen to run a free BBQ for homeless folk right here in Aspley.  It turns out their current BBQ is falling apart and they need a new one.  The Cup From Above Community has committed themselves to getting them a new BBQ so they can keep going with that great work.  We haven’t received a quote yet but we should be able to get a really sturdy & reliable one for $500.  There is a great synergy between our organisations here in Aspley so we look forward to continuing to work alongside the same folk into the future.  The donation jar for this fundraiser is on the counter at Cup From Above (It is now screwed down to the counter after last months dilemma!).

10592852_10154391731905322_1588263892722146043_n10559842_364677313680184_5408793287263038167_nWe’re proud to be showcasing Chris Poulsen’s art exhibition “Guide Tones” this month!  Chris is more well known in Brisbane as a Jazz Pianist with the Chris Poulsen Trio & Scat.  He has used the same philosophy as jazz for this showcase… Interested?  Well you can find out more at his exhibition at Cup From Above on Friday, 8th August 2014.  (And there’ll be live jazz on the night!).  For more info click here.  10% of art sales will go towards helping our homeless friends in Aspley!

And of course we have our usual community concert.  This month it will be on Saturday, 30th August 2014.  We will have a usual great line up of musicians and it’ll be a really great night.  (More details on this to come).

Have a great August everyone!






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Helping the Hope Community Centre in Aspley Acres

For the month of July Cup From Above is focussing on helping out our friends in the Hope Community Centre.  Jan & Robert who run the Hope Centre do an amazing job assisting people in need down in the caravan park.

This month we are aiming to raise enough funds to purchase a Hot & Cold Water Dispenser for the centre that will be available for the whole community in the caravan park to use.

Local artists Sarah & Tom Milner are holding an exhibition of the photography artwork at the cafe.  50% of proceeds are going straight towards purchasing the water dispenser

On Saturday, 26th July 2014 we are holding a community concert at the cafe.  All funds raised will go towards purchasing a water dispenser to give to these guys.

UPDATE:  We raised $103 at the Community Concert.  We need another $400.  If you would like to donate you can online via this link


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Cup From Above reviewed by the Northside Chronicle

Cup From Above was reviewed by Jorja Orreal at the Northside Chronicle today!


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