Local Artist Leanne Anderson’s Exhibition

A Splash of Colour

Upon the walls of Cup From Above vibrant colours hang, capturing the eyes of all our customers. 

11252022_10155486677310322_5330010001559609592_nLeanne Anderson, local artist’s collection is being featured within the café over the coming months and we are thrilled. Despite this being her first showcase Anderson has always had the creative touch; from scrap-booking and sewing to painting furniture and mosaics.

“I remember at the age of 10 I was hand sewing outfits for my teddy bears from my mother’s leftover materials, [I] have these moments when I feel inspired to create something and until I’ve finished it I can’t think of anything else.”

Anderson could certainly be described as persistent, with a heritage of mixed race the school-yard was more frequently filled with teasing and bullying than fond memories.  As she was growing up racism within the North of Queensland was a real issue, a problem she admits continues to impact many, especially within the area she resided. Having supportive parents was a kindness however; in year ten she left formal education for the workplace.

For seventeen years Anderson was employed by Qantas as a member of ground staff planting the seed of wanderlust within her. During that time she was granted the opportunity to travel, primarily to the Middle Eastern countries.  Eventually she changed career paths to devote more time to her family, and later to peruse her artistic ventures that were merely a hobby prior to this.  When working as an Administration Officer she suffered a serious health incident that caused her to reevaluate much within her life, including her love of art.

“It was always my intention to do art classes and it was only after surviving a serious life threatening brain aneurysm that I decided that I was no longer to put my dreams on hold, so in May 2013 I signed up with a wonderful teacher at Art 101 named Mel in Fortitude Valley. Since then I’ve been painting things that catch my imagination.”

She began learning with Acrylics, venturing into the texturing of painting with Impasso and creating dimension and movement with the palette knife. Within the last two years her talent and passion has flourished. She has ventured into various elements within her medium; incorporating paper, sand and now experimenting with oil based paints within her class, which can be seen within her Acrylic works displayed in store.

Each piece are stand-alone within her collection here at Cup From Above below are photographs and a description of her work.  In addition to this showcase Anderson will be exhibiting a themed collection for ‘Celebration of the female form’, which is an exhibition to raise awareness on Domestic Violence. The Exhibition is held on 20 & 21 June at the Windsor Table Tennis hall.



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Art Exhibition for Jo Morris 2014

Jo Morris & Adam James

Jo Morris & Adam James

Cup From Above is proud to be once again showcasing brand new artwork by the amazing local artist Jo Morris.  This is our second exhibition of her work.  It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since the last exhibition.

We’ll be hosting the official exhibition event on Saturday, 29th November at 6pm.  Jo will be here to talk about her paintings, her life as an artist and will be available for questions & autographs!

You can check out some more of Jo’s amazing paintings on her website.  Here’s the link

If you would like to purchase some of Jo’s art contact the cafe or Jo directly via her website.





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Northside Chronicle - 20140917Thanks to the Northside Chronicle for their great article for the book launch and community concert this Saturday 25th September. We’re really excited to be celebrating the launch of Peter Rowe’s new book and as always, we have a great line up of performers so make sure you come along!

For more information check out the Facebook event.


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Showcasing artwork by Peter Rowe


Adam & Peter

Cup From Above is proud to showcase artwork by Peter Rowe for the month of September. Peter, who was born with Down Syndrome, is a talented artist, illustrator, writer and presenter. He uses art to creatively express what he cannot verbally communicate.

Peter’s art is on display in the cafe and is available for purchase, with part of the proceeds going towards this month’s local community project: supporting Community Access Respite Services (C.A.R.S.) by raising money to provide one week’s worth of emergency respite for people with disabilities.

We’re also really excited to be hosting a book launch to celebrate the release of Peter’s latest children’s book Josh Goes to the Library, the fifth book in the Josh the Robot series. Make sure you get along to the launch on Saturday 27th September at 5pm, followed by our regular Community Concert at 6pm.



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Showcasing artwork by Sarah & Tom Milner

Cup From Above is proud to be showcasing artwork by Sunshine Coast sibling photographers Sarah & Tom Milner.

Tom & Sarah Milner

Sarah & Tom’s exhibition this month is called “Finding Beauty in Ordinary Places”.  Featuring images of the little joys or moments of inspiration they’ve discovered in their daily travels.  All prints are for sale, with 50% each sale going to support the local community project this month which is purchasing a hot & cold water dispenser for the Hope Community Centre in Aspley Acres. Prints are also available from their online store Sassy Somethings which you will find here:  Please use the code CFA at the checkout. 

Sarah & Tom will be having their official exhibition on Saturday, 26th July 2014 at Cup From Above.  Come along and meet these great local artists!

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The Great Wall of Graffiti

Adam and James – James preparing to give the camera a paint job, and Adam perfecting his Robert De Niro stare


The Great Wall of Graffiti: Cup From Above’s new art space.










It’s impossible to miss the vibrant splashes of colour around Cup From Above.

In the last few months, Metagraphics‘ James Alley has been extremely busy, creating works of art on the cafe’s back space and indoor walls, presumably while everyone else has been enjoying their coffee.
The vibrant scenes have been the cause of some incredibly positive comments from recent customers, and now Cup From Above is seeking to expand the project to the surrounding suburbs.

The Wall, as well as acting as a tool of expression for both Cup From Above and James, will now be used also as an avenue for budding artists.
The site will seek to bring together some of the surrounding talent on Brisbane’s north side, and act as a hub for aspiring graffiti writers, and of course admirers.

As the program develops it will be used as to mentor at-risk youth who are looking for a way to legitimately express their art and work through difficulties their facing with older people who have walked that road.

We look forward to seeing new additions to The Great Wall of Graffiti, and perhaps some fresh faces in the cafe!

For any enquiries regarding the Wall Project, email us at:

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BURBS & ZELUS start the Great Wall of Graffiti

For those who haven’t yet seen, the walls out the back of Cup From Above are now home to some insanely colourful scenes.  Owls, girls, hearts, text, faces, James Alley and Co. from Metagraphics have gone all out.

You can watch the clip of them having some fun here…

Among other things, Cup From Above can now boast that we are the only known Brisbane cafe to feature an owl on it’s toilet!

Hope to see more work from James and other budding artists in the future, and to contact the cafe regarding working on the wall, email me at:

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Showcasing Artwork by Jay Kane

Jay Kane

Jay Kane

Cup From Above is proud to be showcasing art by local artist & photographer Jay Kane.  Jay is studying photography & film at Griffith University.  You can see her work on her facebook page here

This Saturday, 15th March at 5pm is Jay’s official exhibition.  Come down to Cup From Above and hear Jay talk about her art and maybe even buy some!  If you’re coming along there are more details on the facebook event here…

Proceeds from every one of our art exhibitions go towards supporting a local charity.  This month we are supporting the Quilt Love Project.  Every piece of art you purchase from Jay at Cup From Above a portion goes to support these great people who are helping disconnected youth in our community.

Here are some photos of her work here on display for the month of March at Cup From Above.

All of Jay’s displayed art is for sale.  If you’re interested in purchasing her art you can contact Jay via her facebook art page here or email her at

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Street Art at CFA by Metagraphics!

James Alley along with his spraycan wielding comrades Aaron Ainsworth, Klevz and Pier decorated the back wall of Cup From Above with some epic graffiti & street art over the weekend!

James is the owner of local media company and art gallery Metagraphics.  You can find all about what he does on his website here  If you need any graphic work done… logos, business cards, etc.  James is your man.

Check out the first stage of the work here…

We’re building a team that will walk alongside struggling youth in the area to teach them these art skills and give them a legitimate outlet to express this form of art.  If you love art, want to help youth in the area and you’re interested in getting involved then send us an email to


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CFA Presents: Stephanie Louise Photography

On Sunday the 18th of August Cup From Above had the privilege of showcasing some photographic pieces produced by Stephanie Louise Photography.  It has been a massive hit since going up on our wall so we thought we should let you know a little more about her work.

Stephanie is a young, enthusiastic and passionate photographer, who enjoys creating a variety of artistic and original photography. Her work can range from commercial to documentary photography, but favourite genre is art photography. She likes to use a variety of techniques and methods to create something that is both original and made with a purpose.

Stephanie specializes in family portraits, engagement photography, model photo shoots, and any event photography, ranging from a sweet sixteenth to a kitchen tea party.

To see some more work or to get in contact with Stephanie, please refer to her website


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