Barista & Hospitality Training

Cup From Above provides commercial Barista & Hospitality Training.  Here are the details of the courses available.

Barista & Hospitality Employment Preparation Certificate

If you are looking for a Barista Coffee Preparation Certificate where you will learn the fundamentals of preparing espresso based coffee’s to a professional international standard

During this 3 hour class, you will learn the skills to prepare the highest quality coffee from an experienced barista who has worked in the industry as your trainer.  Core competencies include…

-Anatomy of an espresso machine
-Operating a coffee grinder
-Espresso Extraction
-Steaming and stretching milk to create microfoam; and most importantly…
-Learning, sampling and preparing all the standard Australian coffees available in most cafes.

We currently have two pricing options available for this course. You can book an individual class for $179, or a group booking of up to three people at $99 per head.

Places & times are limited for our courses.  They are available at varying times throughout each month between 1pm and 9pm Monday to Friday and occasionally on a Saturday morning.

Upon completion of the class you will receive a certificate.

Purchase your lesson online here or in store and please fill out the form below to coordinate a time for your class.

Barista & Hospitality Traineeship: $3000

We have found that most certificates do not effectively prepare individuals for finding work in a cafe.  Especially if you are struggling with other significant barriers to employment.  Our unique traineeship model we have developed over many years has found many individuals work in the hospitality industry.  Several of our apprentices have found jobs in the top 10 ranked cafes in Australia.

This program includes 12 classes over 12 weeks covering everything necessary to be successful working with coffee.  You will have the opportunity and time necessary on a high grade pro espresso machine to develop your skills with the guidance of an industry respected barista.  More than that you will learn advanced skills such as calibrating and “dialling in” a coffee grinder, the history of coffee and all the other skills necessary to be successful in hospitality.

With this program you will also be given the opportunity to work in the cafe alongside our staff who give you further guidance and training.  We have found that by taking the time to develop your skills in a real life cafe setting is the best way to develop real employable skills in the industry.  The employment success rate for our apprentices with this program is over 90%.

If you are in a difficult position financially but would really like to do this program please enquire about our scholarships.

Advanced Barista, Hospitality Training & Consultancy: $99 per hour

We have several highly trained and experienced barista and hospitality Trainers who are available for advanced and/or specific training needs.  This might be for latte art training for baristas looking to level up their skills or perhaps for someone who is setting up a cafe and would like a consultant to advise the best equipment and to train their staff.  Our trainers are available to assist in these areas so please get in touch.

If you’re interested in doing a course or private lessons please fill out the form below or email and we’ll get in touch with you to coordinate a time.

Barista & Hospitality Training