Barista Classes

Cup From Above is now providing paid Barista Classes.

You can join a small group barista training class for $75 for 3 hours which will include…

-Introduction to using an espresso machine
-Operating a coffee grinder
-Espresso Extraction
-Steaming Milk
-Creating different types of coffee; and most importantly…
-Sampling all the variations of coffee available at Cup From Above

You can also book a private one on one lesson with one of Cup From Above’s professional baristas.  These lessons are $150 for a 2 hour masterclass and $50 for any additional hours you’d like to book thereafter.

Places & times are limited for our courses.  They are available at varying times throughout each month.  We hold these classes on weeknights and Saturdays to make it more accessible for people working standard business hours.

Upon completion of the class you will receive a certificate.

If you’re interested in doing a course or private lessons please fill out the form below or email and we’ll get in touch with you to coordinate a time.

Barista Classes